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Hello there!

Our mission? To provide a seriously useful online resource for all students, at all stages of student life. Whatever it takes to help you reach your full potential - tips, inspiration or just plain advice – we believe that two heads are definitely better than one.

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Who we are

Marked by Teachers first started life in 2002 and was transformed in 2012, helping you discover what makes a great essay, learn from fresh examples marked by teaches across the UK. As part of The Student Room Group (along with TheStudentRoom.co.uk and GetRevising.co.uk) and reaching over 5.5 million students monthly, it's safe to say that we really do get students.

We're committed to providing the best resource possible, which is why we're constantly evolving MarkedbyTeachers.com to be a useful a site for students as it can be – and a trustworthy one, we submit all our documents to anti-plagiarism body TurnItIn. Between this and our recently added professional teacher essay assessments and peer reviews, we want to make sure that MarkedbyTeachers.com is your first port of call for educational inspiration.


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We've got years of experience

You're in safe hands here at Marked by Teachers. We've been online for over 10 years, which (apart from making us feel a bit old) means we know our stuff when it comes to students. We've come a long way since our humble beginnings in 2002, and because we're dedicated to quality, we're trusted by teachers all over the UK – and Boris Johnson!

  • 2001

    Student Charles Delingpole creates UKLearning.net from his bedroom.

    Charles Delingpole
  • 2002

    The essay side of UKLearning.net grows so big that it needs it's own website – Coursework.info is born.

  • 2003

    Student Media Services Ltd. is formed as the company that owns the site.

  • 2003

    The community side of UKLearning become The Student Room.

    The Student Room
  • 2005

    Student Media Services Ltd. becomes Acumen Professional Intelligence.

    Acumen PI
  • 2006

    Majority stake in Acumen PI purchased by Chris Newson – former Marketing & Operations Director of Jobsite.

    Chris Newson
  • 2006

    Coursework starts working with JISC Internet Plagiarism Advisory Service. All essays submitted to Turnitin plagiarism detection software.

  • 2006

    Coursework is endorsed by the chairman of Universities UK & Boris Johnson writes foreword for our "Avoid Plagiarism like the Plague" booklet.

    Boris Johnson
  • 2008

    The Student Room reaches 1 million unique visitors per month.

    The Student Room: 1 million
  • 2009

    A new look Coursework.info is launched.

    Coursework.info new look
  • 2010

    Coursework.info reaches over 1 million unique visitors per month.

    Coursework.info: 1 million
  • 2011

    The Student Room reaches 4 million unique visitors per month.

    The Student Room: 4 million
  • 2012

    Acumen Professional Intelligence is renamed The Student Room Group.

  • 2012

    The Student Room Group creates a social learning tools division which it calls TSR Learning.

  • 2012

    The Student Room Group buys Get Revising, an online revision resource site.

    Get Revising
  • 2012

    Coursework becomes Marked by Teachers with new features and extra essay writing hints and tips and all these years of experience.

We've got high values

We take academic integrity very seriously, which is why we're recommended by teachers and educational technology providers alike. Marked by Teachers is the only online essay resource to submit all our uploaded documents to the TurnItIn database. TurnItIn is the world's leading plagiarism detection service, running originality checks against 20 billion webpages, 225 million student papers and leading library databases – including ours.

By submitting work to TurnItIn, we ensure all the essays on our site are safe from being misused by others, and your work is protected.

The Student Room


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We get students

  • We've worked with students for a long time, and we really do understand them. If you want to engage with students effectively – talk to us.
  • We're specific. When working with us, you can highly target your activity – by subject, age, level of study or social interests.
  • We have a big, big audience. Across The Student Room Group sites, we reach over 6 million students every single month.
  • We are the digital gateway to reach the UK's student community.
  • We're in this for the long-term. Because we work with students at all levels of education, we can help you Reach, Listen and Engage with students in secondary school right through to the end of university.

We are committed to equal opportunities

We are committed to providing equal education opportunities for all and do what we can to support widening access into Higher Education.

  • 54% of our users' parents didn't go to university
  • 51% have a household income of less than £24,000
  • 99.1% of our users intend to go, are at or have graduated from university
  • 20% of The Student Room Group users are non-white British – that's 5% more than the entire UK population
  • 80% of users across The Student Room Group are state-schooled.

We work with the majority of Higher Education institutes in the UK, government departments and many notable youth brands. Take a look at our client list…