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Abstract Fantasies.

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As this is a 'personal study' I thought to begin I would give a quick insight into the reasoning behind me studying the two different art forms, as an artists I obviously have some passion for the Arts and find fascinating the variety and skill of art in the world, from pop artists such as Andy Warhol to the great surrealist Salvador Dali, (a personal idol of mine). I love exploring the art forms and trying as many mediums and techniques as available, if time would permit I would love to compare and contrast a endless array of great artists, like the mind boggling and revolutionary cubist work of Piccasso showing multiple emotions and sides of a person in one piece , the bold and beautiful modern art of Lichenstein showing the world in his own unmistakeable way, the awe inspriring work of Cezanne and countless other artists who have made this area of our culture a fascination of mine and undoubtedly masses of people throughout the world in all times. But as time isn't infinite and the list of amazing artists could take me to a ripe old age I have concentrated on two artists, neither the Monet's or Da Vinchi's of the art world, but who's work has caught my imagination and gave me a urge to learn there ways and the way of their work. The first artist I am studying, as mentioned in my introduction, is my uncle Kevin Phillips a Durham born artist who produces abstract pieces that capture the pure essence of the beauty of our world and feed it to us slowly through a blend of landscapes and amazing colour all at the control of intense colours and a brushstroke. His work would be seen as an established art medium, done by many artists before him. Abstract arts is a form that is deeply linked to art and is a popular medium that allows artists to explore different perceptions of things produces in a way that may not be totally true to life but show great meaning through colours or objects. ...read more.


Kevin's image also appears to have more of a theme, abstracting a view rather than the random images in Fiona's Moonlite Bunny piece. I also like Fiona's work though and see why Kevin likes her work her use of colour is amazing and mesmerises me to look at it. The other image I have chosen of Fiona's is a piece called "Niwida" (Image #2.) . I can see much other comparisons in this piece with Kevin's not mentioned with the past piece, again its her pure imagination and use of shape that I feel has influenced Kevin's work. The other artists Kevin mentioned as a influence was Chad McCail, a Manchester born artist who studied art at both college and university, like Kevin and myself. His method of work is not similar to Kevin's as he works in screen prints to create a modern and brightly coloured pieces of art. This example of Chad's work is called "The Fall" (Image #3) His themes are different to Kevin's who likes to take a idea and through work turn it into a abstract piece. Chad likes to tell a story with his work. He often, like in the below piece analytically describes the mechanisms of oppression in storyboards. The piece shows, in story board form, shows an age of men like figures being created by god like forms out of what looks like clay, and their systematic destruction of what they have created. This is a moral piece showing in a simple form the way mankind was created and has in time lived beside and created things in order to eventually destroy them like the final part of the story board as the tree's are being destroyed. I think Chad's obvious enthusiasm and step by step idea development are inspirational to Kevin, and also, as I also do, I think Kevin likes Chad's art for its simple and direct point whilst always lacking irony, done in amazing quality work. ...read more.


I like the beauty of this image of a magnificent mythical creature and admire the imagination taken to create it. (Image #14) This image is one of my favourites of Nancy's, it has amazing originality and imagination. The image of powerful and fiery beasts is fantastically drawn with colours of fire, creating both power and beauty in a perfect example of fantasy art. (Image #15) This piece is off a brilliantly colourful bird, with many colours through its feathers on a magical looking tree. I like the colour work on the bird in this piece, it bears relation the beauty of a peacock whilst being more elegant and magnificent. This piece drew inspiration from life creating a higher being from that. (Image #16) This final piece of Nancy's I want to look at shows the diversity of her work. This piece must have taken a massive amount of effort and time to finish especially for Nancy as she is limited. Using a Biro pen, which I have used before, Nancy has created a whole image out of littler shapes by shading the Biro lighter and darker. The image tome look like a impressive figure of a man through the shapes made by the Biro. I think this piece is great mixing different mediums, with a striking and eye catching piece if unique fantasy art. Having looked at Nancy's pieces and talked to her in both the interview and at her exhibition I feel I have a greater understanding of her work and would like to try a piece of her work to finish my personal study, along with one like Kevin's. There are not many links between Kevin and Nancy's work, the only I can think of id the imagination, skill and originality needed to create both abstract and fantasy art. Hopefully the pieces I create in both the styles will be of a quality and feature influence from Nancy and Kevin. Stephen Weeks 13 G Art Essay A2 1 ...read more.

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