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Aesthetic surgery is booming

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Aesthetic surgery is booming, especially over the last decade. Cosmetic methods have become less painful, having a faster healing. Humanity's search for perfectionism evoked me to analyze and become opinionated about this everyday issue. The global effects have led to some kind of deformity, mutated faces, unnatural characteristics and a plastic mask sewn on your original natural looks. But what is plastic surgery? It may be a complex deformation ,an addiction yet, for many it is a way of dealing with "false characteristics" and is seen as a blessed healing .Through my work journal I have managed to study the way our "meat" is cut ,the way its sewed and healed. I realized that the procedure takes horrendous guts to go through and double the guts to overcome the excruciating pain...Over the past seven years I have been bombarded with TV models racing through skeleton marches , porn stars pumping their breasts and thousands of everyday records of someone wishing to adopt another identity. ...read more.


A huge motivating persona for me is Marya Kazoun. Marya has introduced new ways of thinking and radical contributions to the renewal of creativity and techniques. Her work initiates profound questioning of the essence of art an traditional methods that appeal to life. Through her photography and personal involvement in her Art Marya's theme of downfall, decay, emotional distress, ecstacy ,anger, and social taboos relates to the features of plastic surgery as well. She even reported in an interview: "I want to be able to touch and transform the ugly, poor or modest into a noble thing like a princess. Pieces are babies, my babies. I nest and gestate." My pieces leave an open interpretation .I try to use raw images and present them in a less harsh way. Let's not forget all we are is meat .Yet our meat has been lifted changed filled in or boosted. That's the happiness and sadness of it. ...read more.


After all, we are all left with a receipt of a face lift, breast enlargement, nose job being searched through the wooden boxes in the supermarket where the fruit and vegetables lie or where the shampoos are on the dusty shelves... All that matters at the end of the day is the outside. No one dares to consider the inside of you (and even if they are such people they can be counted). All these desirable changes on us provoke downfall, sadness, because of the rejection of ourselves therefore highlighting the irony of life. I want my work to have a voice, to speak to you .I want the viewer to question, to ask about this element of today's society. I see my work as an alarm, a warning of our doings to highlight the fact that if we don't eliminate these changes we will be driving force of our very fate. "Life is a mirror, if you frown at it, it frowns back; if you smile, it returns the greeting ... ...read more.

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