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After closely examining the work Bacchus and the Four Seasons in person I noticed many details important that I had missed when studying the piece in the text book.

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Austin Didio Survey of Art I Assignment#2 The Art of Description Bracchus and the Four Seasons Many people say a picture is worth a thousand words but after but after viewing a work of art at a museum the viewer notices characterizations such as scale, surface detail, texture, and workmanship that can reveal many distinct details that cannot be captured in a photograph. These details can give the viewer a completely different perspective on the work than they had previously. After viewing Bracchus and the Four Seasons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art I can distinctly see the advantages of viewing an original work of art in a museum. My first impression of the Badminton Sarcophagus was that is appeared to be much larger in person than it did in the textbook. ...read more.


The stylization of the hair seems extremely exaggerated. The deep holes create shadows which greatly enhance the illusion of depth. The extreme undercutting and use of shadows really portray the fine workmanship of the Sarcophagus. It is obvious that whomever worked on the piece was truly a master of their trade because not only did they carve this very intricate piece of art but they were confident enough in their skills that they risked ruining it by undercutting in many areas of the sculpture to crate deep shadows that create an overwhelming sense of depth. The linen fabric drapery over some of the figures is also skillfully crafted. The folding of the fabric casts realistic shadows and also creates more depth. ...read more.


My initial impression from the textbook was that it was maybe 3 feet long, but in person I was surprised to find the piece much larger than i had thought. The differences listed are all very important, and I now understand that it is important for a Pratt art student to understand and recognize these differences because we cant always trust these first impressions we get when looking at art in a textbook, because many times just one picture cannot portray the full piece. Pratt students as well as other art students should realize what a gift it is to have the luxury of being able to visit museums and study the sculpture and artwork in person. The emotion you get from seeing original art work first hand is a completely different experience than viewing it within the confines of a book. ...read more.

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