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Analysis of a painting by George Benjamin Luks

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´╗┐THE PROPORTIONS OF THE HUMAN FIGURE AND MY FAVORITE SPORT George Benjamin Luks Biography George Luks was one of two sons of a doctor. He was born in Pennsylvannia in 1867. Luks was a painter who had a lack of sentimentality and was part of a group with such attributes, they inspired realism in the twentieth century. George studied under Thomas Arshutz at the Pennsylvannia Academy of the fine arts. But then continued his education in Europe, studing in cities such as Dusseldorf, Paris and London. Luks was part of a famous group also called the famous eight, they were very influential and founded the Ashcan school. He developd a s a painter moving from drawing comic strips for the Philadelphia Press to receiving a job offer as a cartonist in New York, to finally getting his painting career moving. His works are famous for their ability to capture the essence of a moment. The Famous eight went on to showcase their works at a exhibit at Macbeth Gallery found in New york. ...read more.


The use of color makes the wrestlers sweat and blood pop out and as well makes them look worn out and tired. The artist was releasing most of his works towards the twentiet century and he was one of the artists who influenced modern art or twentieth century art. His use of detail and color to make the painting come alive influenced how the human bodies were drawn in the twentieth century. During the end of the nineth century artists were being influenced towards realism. This was mostly focused towards painting what was infront of the painter without thinking about the past or future. The feeling of the painting is more towards intensity. The intense feeling, the lively state makes the painting pop-up. The emotion in the painting is anger and this not really that hard to spot. The anger is due to the type of sport, wrestling is a contact sport and there is always an emotional impact when you are trying to beat up each other. Hate is also observed because the stage of the fight the painter used to inspire his painting, is during a moment where one of thr wrestlers is in a rage which his acting on towards his opponent. ...read more.


The color creates a serious mood or death like tone to the image. This makes the image seem more lively in terms of the action is easy to feel and see. The use of a variety of colors is low and this as well makes the painting seem more emo or dark. The color mixtures used in the skin tones is so as to bring depth to the wrestlers muscles and show exactly which parts of their bodies they are straining or using. The skin tone color also helped to show which parts of their bodies were bruced from the fight. This painting is full of action and the tone of the painting is what paintings should be about. The painter recreated a moment which is highly sofiscated to replicate because he has to define the correct mood with the use of color and he succeeded in doing so. In the end the painting represented the situation in signifcant way, without changing the meaning or what it was supposed to demonstrate in the first place. That was my main reason for choosing this painting, it demonstrates high levels of detail and sends a message through its use of color and gradation. ...read more.

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