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ANDY WARHOL PERSONAL STUDY "If you want to know about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me

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Luke Butler ANDY WARHOL PERSONAL STUDY "If you want to know about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it." Andy Warhol was always the personification of the American Dream. With the love of film stars, music icons, fashion, money and gossip, he created his own art, singling out things that were most important to him. Pop Art has always fascinated me. It was the type of art that I liked the most when I was younger, probably due to the fact that it is bold and colourful - easy on the eye. Now I see it in a more mature way by noticing the importance of why each piece was done, such as the history and why the artist was influenced to do it. Pop Art is a style of art, which explores the everyday imagery that plays a big part in general culture. Common sources of imagery include advertisements, consumer product packaging, celebrity photographs, and comic strips. Leading Pop artists include Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Liechtenstein. I have been interested by Andy Warhol, both the person and his work, since visiting the Tate Modern in London, where his work was. Warhol, as a person has certain similarities to myself that I was intrigued in. One of those several traits Warhol had that have given me comfort is that not only do I have great difficulty in remembering and recognising faces but also I am scared I will not recognise people I know well. As I am inclined to recognise people by hairstyles and how they walk, girls are particularly difficult when they are sitting down. ...read more.


Although Warhol was identified with Pop art, it was a misunderstanding of his creative ability. He knew that Pop was much more complicated than it seems. In creating Pop art, what must be created is unrealistic and memorable images and awareness of the random and unpredictable forces in nature and society in whole. It is not really about the image of popular icons, but more of an expression of what is familiar and accepted as American society. Pop art also contains a serious sub-message that is not apparent at first sight. Trewin Copplestone - author of 'The life and works of Andy Warhol', pointed out that Pop artists were aware of this and used it in their work. During his working career, Warhol used various different methods and media for producing his art. He was able to create the same subject in different media and by different methods. Before 1962 he used paint - acrylic or oil - and stencil for his subjects. After 1962 he used variations of silk-screen process. He used this technique for much of his work. In 1963, Andy began a wide range of disaster works. Under the advice of Henry Geldzahler, who was a friend and art critic. He felt that everything wasn't so fabulous in America and that it was time to reflect that in Warhol's paintings. Warhol took his advice and began painting images of death and chaos. His 'Red Race Riot' is a perfect example of art, which shows human suffering and the anger and fear felt on both sides. This pain is emphasised by the suggestion of blood, which shows in the overall textured red tint. ...read more.


Warhol had designed the band's provocative album cover for 'Sticky fingers' with its focus on a man's crotch and a zipper that opened. The album and the design proved to be a huge success and Warhol, ever keen to make money, typically said that he had not been paid enough given the millions of copies that sold. I think this shown how much Warhol was obsessed with money and his demands were huge. The pieces that Warhol had done carry a pronounced collage look and a surprisingly dark palette highlighted by occasional bright pinks and oranges. Warhol done other megastars in the same style and technique as Jagger, but as I'm so fond of the man myself I prefer these. I also think they carry an 'off the wall', rock n roll edge to the pieces, rather than the Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson portraits. The piece is created from using the silkscreen process. I think it almost looks as if Warhol has painted Jagger and the glued ripped shapes of different types of paper on to the painting in certain places. I think the rough image adds to the rock n roll style and. This piece defiantly appeals to rockers, as it is very different to most of his other work he's done. Even though most of his prints are of famous people like Jagger, but this on is messier. The way Warhol has only shown the head and shoulders makes it feel much more personal, which I admire, as I think it puts the fame behind Jagger and showing his natural image. I have done a piece myself resembling Mick Jagger and one of his poses he pulls in Warhol's photos. I have used black paper for the blocks that appear in the original pieces, and drawn him Jagger with ink. ...read more.

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