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Are animals symbolic in art? -Research Plan

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´╗┐Are Animals Symbolic in Art? ________________ What is Art? ?The Expression or Application of human creative skill and imagination?? (Google definition) This is a very conservative way of describing something that seems to be ever evolving, Art. In earlier time periods art was used to tell stories or as decoration in extravagant houses. It was always stated that you must be educated to understand and appreciate art, now the use of art has changed into something that anyone can do and anyone can appreciate. Art is used as an expressional output to convey emotions and to release artistic opinions into the world. Its meaning has changed over the centuries. Animals have been prominent in art for thousands of years, but the question I want to ask is has the symbolic meaning and use of animals in art changed? ...read more.


My First Chapter, as mentioned above, will look at the early work of Egyptian craftsman and how animals were portrayed in that period. I will look at how they crafted animals in their artwork and how their gods came to have the heads of some of their most sacred animals. I will look at their remarkable sculptures and there intricate paintings on the sides of tombs. I want to look at how pictographs of animals were used to make the Egyptian people follow the set beliefs of the upper classes. I will continue my study by looking at Paulus Potter, in particular his painting ?The Piebald Horse?. I have chosen to look at this painting because it is an example of the beauty of animals and how they were painted or sculpted to look attractive and had very little meaning to them but where just an item of magnificence and wealth. ...read more.


disappeared in the modern art world and whether it has something to do with the underlying meaning of their form in art or whether they are simply not fashionable. I will look at how the animals have disappeared in art because they are no longer prominent in our working society and have now been replaced with modern machines. Conducting this study will hopefully answer the question ?are animals symbolic in art?? I will also be able to understand more fully why animals have changed in art and why they are not so prominent in art anymore. I will also be able to discover whether animal?s roles and meanings in art have changed over the centuries and whether the meanings are going back to what they originally were in the beginning where they were first painted on a cave wall. ...read more.

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