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Art and Aesthetics Project

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Art and Aesthetics Project Art is usually referred to as the visual arts, where a piece of work is judged through the aesthetics in which it creates. However, art refers to all human endeavors, including the product of one's creative impulse. In other words, art does not have to be innovative to be good. I believe art is the communication of an idea, be it visual, musical, communicative or other. Art is the interplay between the conscious and unconscious part of our being, between what is real and what is an illusion; it is the voice of our soul through color and form in a constant search for connection with something beyond. I think of art as the bridge between our souls and the physical world. I see art as both an interaction between our psychological existence and our cultural expression of that existence. Thus, this can include challenging and sometimes disturbing imagery as well as the aesthetically pleasing. The artist's conceptual vision and a person's ability to translate this to an audience is what transforms the ordinary experience to a historically and culturally significant event. ...read more.


Everybody, one time or the other, will fell as though they have been let down and disappointed by others, including the ones they love. Those feelings would include loneliness, and the yearn for support and guidance. At many times, we get the support we need, but once in a while; we would be left alone in the world, having to fend off our miseries by ourselves. That is exactly what I had in mind when I was creating my piece of art. I wanted the girl to depict a helpless teenager, who is yearning for support because the world has shunned her away completely. This in fact, removes all the color and vibrancy in her life, leaving her world looking black and white. The reason why the girl in my drawing is looking down is due to disbelief. She is utterly shocked by how the people that she thought that she could count on have left her to fend for herself. She saw the dark side of things; the side she thought and wished never existed. ...read more.


Every piece of art is created through the knowledge of something, be it objective or subjective. For example, in an artistic way, a skilled craftsman would have a purpose and message in mind and he adapts and molds materials to fulfill this end. If he is to succeed in conveying his message, he needs to develop his expertise. There is a kind of craftsmanship and intelligence at work in the practice of his art. Whether a ship builder or weaver, he applies his practical know-how, virtuosity, and talent in fashioning objects that he is creating, and he draws upon general principles which he applies to concrete cases. Moreover, art can help a person develop their critical senses. It could give a person an intuition for forming judgments and trying to decipher what the artwork is trying to portray. Knowledge provided by art is very distinct, as it deals with having a good sense of judgment and interpretation. In conclusion, there is no one true definition of art. Art is valued differently, depending on the individual. Different individuals have different views as to what art is; and as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (1086 words) ...read more.

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