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Art Apprecation - Star cycle, 1976 - Donald Laycock

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Art Appreciation Assignment 2 Contemporary Piece 1 Title: star cycle, 1976 Artist: Donald Laycock 1. This painting is easily identified by the title to be the cycle of stars. However, though the painting could be considered abstract, most people would be able to identify what the picture is of. 2. Although the main object in this picture is bright, the mood of the painting has an overall feeling of darkness. It has a desolate, dark mood because the majority of it is just blank grey. Which of course makes the brightness of the large star more powerful, however still overcome by its surroundings. 3. This person obviously appreciated the stars. He was inspired by their simplicity and yet amazing beauty. This the reason for him to make the painting abstract - he is making a statement about the simplest things being beautiful. 4. This is not mentioned... 5. This work is abstract-expressionism. Laycock manages to make his objects look realistic yet abstract: He tends to set out his paintings in an abstract manor, however his objects or focal points have a realistic quality in them. He was one of the first Australian painters to be influenced by American abstract-expressionism. ...read more.


(this making a negative statement about love.) The overall aim I think is to make a statement about the oppression of women and the oppression of the catholic church. 7. Again this picture is meant to make a socio -political statement about something negative and therefore is better off (in the artist's eyes) to be in bleak black and white. Contemporary piece 3 Title: Untitled Expulsion of Eve, 1978 Artist: Warren Breninger 1. Judging from the title, Eve is the subject of this design. (she is the face!) 2. I guess the overall mood of this piece is mainly decided by the expression on Eve's face. She has the face of a child but an expression which could be on a witch or someone sinful and merciless. This makes the mood of the picture evil. 3. Again the picture does not capture something which the artist is inspired by particularly, rather it captures his concern, for something/someone he thinks is strange, abnormal or in this case evil. 4. The artist used this medium to redefine and extend the photographic issues as well as represent a person/place/thing. The person represented is still the main focus of the picture and there is an interesting textural pattern which could be classed as 'extending photographic issues' At the same time these patterns and scratches, (for example the scratch across Eve's face) ...read more.


It is a contrasting painting and therefore always has two sides. The mood of the top half you could call trapped or negative. However, the woman screaming at the bottom would be a positive statement and therefore the mood is victorious or triumphant. 3. This person has been inspired by women's art and feminism. She was inspired to paint this artwork by other feminists who have expressed themselves through art. There are no particular artists mentioned. (who she is inspired by) 4. This is not mentioned. 5. This painting is expressionistic. It has all the elements of an expressionistic work: painting, portraying emotion rather than the external world. The artist has used thick and uneven brush strokes to show negative emotion around the oppressed woman. In comparison to this The woman who is not oppressed has less uneven and thick brush strokes around her showing that she has broken free from all that! 6. The artist's aim was to make a contrasting statement about the women's movement in the 70s. She wanted to make the non-feminist individual look trapped and unfortunate. In comparison to feminist screaming and breaking free! 7. The colour was turned into black and white for the art book.. Therefore I can't make statements about the colour because I don't know what colour things are! ...read more.

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