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Art & Interests

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Art & Design Interests - Foundation Study -1520 words Something that interests me in art is the use of using today's icons (i.e. celebrities/famous people), this not only gathers interest to today's society but it can change the way people think about that icon forever. My first print that I want to analyse it the Marilyn Monroe 1967 print by Andy Warhol. Warhol was one of the first artists to break that barriers between high and low art meaning that his prints could be sold everywhere. What amazes me is how his Monroe prints are still sold to the masses and now our memory of her in today's life (certainly for the younger generations) is absolutely determined by Warhol's production of her. The use of colours are extremely striking with the hot pink and the vibrant yellows, the piece screams out beauty and sexuality. The simplicity of using three colours in this piece really works. How does the color affect the mood? What I love about this print is that he didn't just create the one, but he created a series of these in different colours. By doing this he wanted to experiment to see if the colour of Monroe would change the way the public perceived the piece. Its not only people that warhole has made forever iconic, he has done the same with cambell soup. ...read more.


This piece is called rise above. The use of the black lines and the full symmetry of the piece really inspire my art/graphic design today. I love the way that the foreground at the background almost subconsciously meet together with the starburst going through the hand. This print really has a political art feel about it just like a new age world war two propaganda poster. The fist is extremely striking, your eyes automatically scan up the print looking from watch right up to the fist. The use of his logo in the watch is a nice added effect as it isn't in your face and is subtle. The watch is the main feature in the piece, this is emphasized by the placement of the starbursts shooting out from it. I feel that this piece has great placement, right from the back ground to the foreground and has a great focal point. The thing that hit me first was the use of texture, behind most of Fairey's prints he uses a pattern, this can be anything from old posters to ripped pieces of wallpaper. I have always liked the work of gilbert and george. They have a huge emphasis with working with symmetry, they divide all their huge prints with black lines (often framed in huge grid structures). ...read more.


This pieces is interesting, it appears to be the lower quarter of a mans leg, complete with trousers, shoes and even hair. The leg sits against a wall and we wonder wheteher the man has been crushed under a great weight or weather this part has been severed. What I like is the unusualness of this piece, its not every day that you see something like this that triggers your emotions in so many different ways. Robert wants the aspect of shock with this piece, leaving you to worry as it looks so realistic. This piece of his is more what I am into, I like placing two objects together that don't make sense, leaving the viewer confused. Again this sculpture combining a tap and a child's legs. This is takashi murakami, he is one of my biggest inspirations in graphic design. This piece of his is all about bringing graphics and mixing it with fine art, I love the use of bold colours, he has an effective use of negative space, making sure not to overcroud the print with too much going on. Most of his prints are printed large formant nearing 12ft by 24ft, this really makes a bold statement when you see his work first hand. This photo has no real clear focal point, my eyes first look at the middle with the most colour pattern and detail, then after you start to notice all the smaller pieces of detail shooting around the sky. ...read more.

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