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Art Noveau - Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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Art Noveau Art Noveau is an international movement that extended from the 1890's to 1910's. This movement had many influences such as Japanese Design, the Pre-Raphaelite painters, Celtic and Nordic Art and especially the Arts and Crafts Movement of William Morris. It was a movement that walked under the flag of art that would break all connections from the past and bring down the barriers between the fine and applied arts. Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1869-1928) is one of the most influential figures of Art Noveau, as he developed his original, unrivalled and linear style in architecture and decorative arts. ...read more.


The birds that surround the woman look as if they were her wings; this implies that the performance would be magical and very entertaining. Birds are also commonly used as a symbol of music, this then relates to the title and hints that the music played will be very pleasing and beautiful. Angled shapes are used a lot in the poster, these shapes relate to modern industrial techniques and materials used in architecture in that movement. The three tall-looking objects above the woman's head look like lamps this also relates to the modern materials such as steel. ...read more.


A gold coloured frame is surrounding the words at the bottom indicating that the words reveal some important information. The words are there to reveal, that it is a poster for 'The Scottish Musical Review', when it was published and the price. The text used for 'The Scottish Musical Review' is much more bigger than the rest, this shows that it holds greater importance. This movement was a way of thinking about modern society and new production methods. It was an attempt to redefine the meaning and nature of art. From that time on, it was the duty of art not to overlook any everyday object no matter how ordinary it can be. The approach was considered completely new and revolutionary. Thus became the New Art - Art Noveau. ...read more.

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