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"Artists pick over culture, seeking to comment, define and reinterpret whether or not this relates to another cultural background or gender, or an interest in repositioning through juxtaposition, contrast and depiction."

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? Exam Block Essay ? "Artists pick over culture, seeking to comment, define and reinterpret whether or not this relates to another cultural background or gender, or an interest in repositioning through juxtaposition, contrast and depiction." An artist looks at culture, picks something out and responds by remaking it. They look at the object, putting it side by side and reinterpreting it. By looking at culture artists are able to respond to it as a theme of 'Precious Things' as a result of their cultural background by delving into their own culture. 'Like everybody else, artists are affected and influenced by their personal and cultural backgrounds'1therefore, linking their intent to Precious Things. Through time and experimentation, artists have expressed their views of culture clearly with their art. For many centuries, artists throughout the world have aimed to capture and portray a particular theme or subject in accordance to their cultural beliefs, personal influences or moods. "An important part of visual language goes beyond the written word to the visual and performing arts, for they communicate in a less obvious and structured way the personal concerns of the artist as a member of a cultural group and ...read more.


Julie Rrap's Christ of 1984, has depicted a Christ like figure in a way that illustrates her personal beliefs and also reflects the public's stance regarding the depiction of Christ at the time her artwork was completed. In "Christ" we are used to seeing this figure as a man on the cross. Here Rrap has chosen to work with a new version. Christ has been portrayed as a female and the image is broken up and disjointed. Christ seems to be a comment on our changing society and its religious values. Rrap has used a piece of art by Munch and outlined the figure it depicted, and then positioned herself whilst semi-naked within the outline which relates to the statement through juxtaposition. It is this placement of herself within the outline that has enabled her to "slip out of the stereotype of the female."4 The image was then divided and abstracted, with the use of thick brush strokes in the background, creating a sense of movement. Rrap's 'Christ' has been produced in ways that adapt to their specific eras. ...read more.


He has painted simplified views of landscapes. They have a feeling of splendour, power and a sense of order and peace. Each is remote, untainted by human existence. Through such arrangements, he can set up sequences, arrange emphases, and suggest variable readings and possibilities without need of traditional composition or spatial order.6 He achieves a radical, fresh and layered presentation, rich in symbolic meanings. 'My painting is almost entirely autobiographical - it tells you where I am at any given time, where I am living and the direction I am pointing in...'7 Both Julie Rrap and Colin McCahon portray aspects of popular culture that had a powerful impact on their contemporary life, presenting them without comment or emotion. It can be seen from the evidence that has been stated that Rrap and McCahon are able to focus on their own culture as an object of preciousness. They are able to use materials differently in order to create the same underlying meaning of their works by centering their own artwork on the theme of 'Precious Things.' 'Being an artist is something that you have to do, a private compulsion, because of the particular constitution of your feelings and history. It is a natural form of activity to me - a personal necessity. ...read more.

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