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Bahaus - Joost Schmidt Poster. This design is mainly composed of geometric shapes with is typical of the Bauhaus movement. Several words and numbers have been printed; the title Staatliches Bauhaus is there to show what the poster is about

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Bauhaus The Bauhaus building was a school of art, architecture and design characterized by geometric design, respect for practical material, and its severely economic sensibilities, a building that incorporated the basic principles of modern architecture. The Bauhaus Movement was founded by Walter Gropius in 1919 in Germany and ended in the 1930's. Many posters have been made to spread the word of the Bauhaus building and one of them belonged to Joost Schmidt, a teacher at the Bauhaus. Schmidt (1893-1948) was a visionary typographer/graphic designer; his first typographical works date from 1923. ...read more.


Several words and numbers have been printed; the title "Staatliches Bauhaus" is there to show what the poster is about, "1923" is to show what year the exhibition would be held, "JULI-SEPT" is to show the months of the exhibition, "Austellung" means exhibition in German so it is there to tell the viewer that it is an exhibition that they are advertising and "Weimar" is there to tell the viewer where the exhibition would be held. The word "Staatliches" is very small compared to the other words on the poster this shows that it is as important the colour and the boldness is another factor that indicate its insignificance. ...read more.


The "A" in "Ausstellung" is bigger than the rest of the letters, it's not only a letter it is also a piece of graphic. The graphic is composed of geometric shapes that relate to the Bauhaus this is done to show what the exhibition is about. Simple colour and shapes have been used; overall it is a very simple poster. The way the shapes have been placed look like as if they have been fixed together manually - this is to display the hard work of the designers - it also creates a flow within the poster, it shows that all the information placed on the poster are connected to one another ...read more.

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