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Banksy - Bristols' graffiti stencil artist.

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Banksy. Banksy is a graffiti stencil artist, borb and raised in Bristol in 1974. Banksy was involved in the Bristol graffiti boom of the late 1980s. He desined his first stencil as a favour for his father who was away on holiday. He was a photo copier engineer, and banksy was required to help out one day as a one off. Since that day Banksy has refined a distinctive iconic style which he has plastered all over walls, and bridges, car tunnels, books records and evan cows. ...read more.


This is what Banksy is about, He also painted Lenin ice skating, and used the the old outline of a flyer which had once been stuck to the wall, to frame his piece. Banksy says that evan a rabbit playing a piano looks 'hard' as a stencil. Graffiti artists are constantly making a mark in different ways such as what poke did from the 'ITM' crew in Germany. An old military tank had been placed at some sort of rememberance military sight, on show with a plaque in front of it. ...read more.


No longer are they going out in the middle of the night, just to paint their stylised lettering, but they are grouping together, planning and executing works of art that aren`t always as simple as they may look. Graffiti artists are selecting their targets more carefully and choosing what they do to the desired target in order to achieve some other point, rather than displaying their talent in Graffiti lettering. "If you want to say something and have people listen, then you have to wear a mask." Existencilism, sp publishing. Has pieces throughout Europe (examples) A subversive rat (mention le rat ) Barcelona zoo or London zoo. "Laugh now but one day we'll be in charge". Pulling the plug on the city hall. ...read more.

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