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Chirico Art and Comparison

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Anne Chen Per: 2 Journal "Giorgio de Chirico, Hector and Andromache" "Hector from Andromache's embrace went to arms, and it was his wife who placed his helmet upon his head.1" The poignant love story of Hector and Andromache can draw "tears down Pluto's cheek.2" Andromache, the epitome of the loyal and beautiful wife, sends her husband, Hector, off to the Trojan War. Although Hector does not believe in the cause of the Trojan War, he fights out of obligation to his country. The brave Hector leaves his wife and son, Astyanax, behind the safe walls of Troy. Upon leaving Troy, Hector faces the Greek warrior, Ajax. These two courageous warriors fight to a standstill; both admit their admiration for each other, trade gifts, and depart. ...read more.


Only love prevails. De Chirico dubbed his art as "metaphysical" and with it hoped to destabilize the meaning of everyday objects by making them symbols of uncertainty, alienation, and fear. In Hector and Andromache, the two intertwined lovers' caress is reduced to simple geometric shapes and yet it portrays such a powerful love. The setting sun over the horizon reflects their melancholy and tragic mood. The buildings, equally simplified, frame the image lending it an almost stage-like quality. It seems almost as if their passion freezes in time and in the frame of the painting. "Sailing to Byzantium" perfectly captures the emotion and beauty of the painting. In the poem, the narrator, an old man, wishes to leave behind "that old country." ...read more.


The old man embarks to Byzantium on a voyage of intellect. He believes that Byzantium once marked the unification of practicality, religion, and aesthetics. Once reaching Byzantium, the poet appeals to the "sages." He wants them to liberate his soul by consuming his heart, which is fastened to a "dying animal" - the material world. Upon casting off the "chains4" of his desires, he yearns to do something fantastical like Hephaestus, "a form as Grecian gold smiths make." Yet art is oftentimes a form of expression of the opulent outside world; however, I believe that the art that the old man starves for is de Chirico's art. De Chirico's art possesses a raw and simple beauty that transcends the decadent "world of flesh." 1 Amores I.9 by Ovid 2 Il Penseroso. Line 105 by John Milton 3 Troades. Line 412by Seneca 4 Jean Jacques Rousseau ?? ?? ?? ?? Chen2 Chen ...read more.

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