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Christo's Fabricated Fun-world.

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Christo's Fabricated Fun-world. Imagine the coast of Little Bay in Sydney, The Pont Neuf in Paris and the foyer of the Art Gallery of NSW, wrapped mercilessly in hundreds and thousands of metres of fabric. They are all the works of the controversial Christo, known to be the world's greatest big-scale artists in history. One of his most recent works, Surrounded Islands, was a contentious issue around the world. The astonishing 603,850 square metres of brightly coloured pink fabric surrounded eleven of the islands of Biscayne Bay. ...read more.


The bright pink fabric gave a stark contrast to the deeps dark sea and looked as if they were large floating inflatable pool toys. Aerial views of the islands were breath taking as the fabric highlighted the curvy contours of the islands which would not have been nearly as obvious without the magic touch of Christo. The work of the pink fabric gave the islands an almost angelic aura around them. The beautiful pink is wonderfully feminine which can also represent the reason the way the shapes of the islands were portrayed: curvy and feminine. ...read more.


With Surrounded Islands, Christo truly and utterly pushes the boundaries of traditional and contemporary art forms. His art works have no hidden meaning. He is not depicting the dark and crusty underbelly of society, nor is he rallying about somebody's truly sad and pathetic existence in which they call life. Do they need to have meaning? Isn't Avante Garde going above and beyond people's perceptions and expectations of art? What Christo wants to structure from his art is plain and straightforward. All this big-scale artist's wants, is people to see them as they are, recognize them as they are and appreciate them as they are. Who could argue with that? ...read more.

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