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Constructing and Representing Reality.

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Constructing and Representing Reality In the 1860's when photography became wodespr3ead it allowed people to see things, events and scenes that they had never previously had the opportunity to see before. This made a great impact on the public as explained in my post modernism notes. A rough timeline of events involved with photography from its point of invention follow: 1827 Nicephore Niepce is the first person to fix a photograph. Before this artists such as Canaletta used a camera obscurer to paint scenes, much like a projector. One still exists in Edinburgh castle today and although an image of the scene was given onto canvas through a lens, the artists had to sketch in the outlines and paint it afterwards - the image would never remain fixed. One of Canalettas pieces featured on the right called 'Entrance to the Canal'. 1838 Louis Daguerre invented the 'Daguerrotype' with the Collodian wet plate process with images on glass plates. On eft 'Still life'. 1841 Henry Foxtalbot invented the 'calotype', silver halide soaked paper, which would hold an image and give way to today's photographic print.. ...read more.


To the right is a piece he took of a dog walking. Lewis Hine also too sharp clean cut images of the USA as it was developing from the 1909 onwards. He discovers how to produced multiples of photographs from negatives and used his pictures to educate the problems of child labour. Andy Warhol in 1962 created the Marilyn Monroe prints '20 Marilyn's'. This was a crude newspaper photograph done with silkscreen printing onto canvas. Ansel Adams photographed areas of beauty in the natural environment and moved the government to create national park districts. Gerhard Richter also recognised photographi qualityies in his oil paintings Dorethea Lange was commissioned by the government to document the areas of poverty in America and this 'Migrant Mother' has become one of the most famous images of poverty and deprivation of all time. Russel Lee's photographs of a woman's worn, arthritic hands put forward the idea of the hands tell more of a storey than the face of the woman, showing her hardworking and labouring life. Brassai took an image of 'Bijou', an aging prostitue in France. He also liked to photograph drunks and street cleaners, all activities that trook place at night. ...read more.


You start hunting for things out of place and irregular and noticing small details. Richard Billingham takes photos of his dysfunctional family and activities/situations he finds himself in with them in everyday life. Jessica Craig Martin looks at much the same subject of everyday life, her piece on the left showing girls in the ladies tolilets. Hannah Starkey has done similar photographs of women in the ladies toilets but with a strong feeling of tension or strong emotion. Another one of her works shows a group of people all sitting on a bench talking and chatting together while a singular girl stands alone to the far right of the composition - giving a strong feeling to isolation. Tracey Ewins also plays on this feeling of isolation and vulnerability. One of her works shows her squatting nude in the corner of a beach hut. This relates to the way she has been treated by men in her past relationships and how she chooses to portray her emotion about them and how she felt as a result of their actions. David Levinthal photographs toy soldiers and dolls in ways which make you feel as if you are looking at a real life situation. He did a wide collection of wild west themed figures as well as army themes and Barbie dolls portraits. ...read more.

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