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Critical Research of "Creativity" by Nadine Rippelmeyer

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Critical Research #3 Zakir Hussain Title of Work: Creativity Artist Name: Nadine Rippelmeyer Size: 14.000 x 11.000 x 1.000 inches Medium: Painting - Mixed Media Year: Not Available Source: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/creativity-nadine-rippelmeyer.html In this painting I see a variety of lines, some thick and some thin. Their purpose in this piece is to give form to the focal point, which is the red shape in the upper right hand corner. Waves of a "fire" appear to leak out of this focal point with colors of yellow, orange and red and eventually fade back into the canvas due to a lack of value. Although it may not take up the majority of the space it still attracts attention through the value in the color. ...read more.


The darkly colored form creates movement because it draws the audience's eye and yet it also induces movement because it also repels the eye because of the chaotic lines that seem to induce from the dark area. This creates pattern and emphasis because this is a constant cycle of movement from one line to the next. Although there are separate lines this movement gives it the appearance of one constant never ending line, because as I follow one line to its end point I am always distracted by another, consequently my eye then follows the new line. I think this piece's meaning is about the process of creating a piece of art or anything in general. ...read more.


Fire to me has a characteristic of untamed and raw as do idea in the beginning stages of the creation process. Then things become clearer and more organized and relaxed which is depicted by the fading thick orderly lines in the bottom corner, along with the wash of color. I feel that this artist's artwork is very successful. I am able to state this just because of the title, which is "Creativity" and just by the title I judged this because the artwork depicts the title so perfectly in my eyes. I feel like it just makes sense. In terms of her technique I also judge this piece to be substantial because the lines are smooth fine and precise, it seems is if she has everything perfectly placed. ...read more.

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