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Describe and explain the part in which art plays in worship and spiritual life of a Christians.

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Introduction I chose the unit, religion and spirituality because I'm interested in all types of arts. I have visited very many art galleries in spare time, and seen a wide range of various styles and genres of paintings. One famous gallery I have visited is the Ufizzi gallery in Florence, Italy. This gallery has many original religious painting by many, famous artists. I have seen a wide range of artists work, that is then reason I am doing this unit so I can research more about the ways religions understand paintings, and the ways they decorate the churches. While visiting Italy I have seen many cathedrals and churches with the painted ceilings and great statues of saints. So this will help me understand more about religion and spirituality. Describe and explain the part in which art plays in worship and spiritual life of a Christians. Spirituality can be anything specifically religious to do with god or a human religious experience at depth where spirituality is found in human spirit. Art and spirituality are concerned with inner life; an artist would draw based on their inner life and experiences and show this creativity. Arts are used for expressing feelings and emotions in drawing, paintings and sculptures. A reason and planning are needed to do this even though the viewer may look at the piece and only see a feeling or emotional response, which could be one of awe wonder or empathy at the pain and suffering in the world. ...read more.


Explain how Christians may feel that the building they worship in and the type of worship itself may assist them in life and belief. Most Christians worship in churches, these buildings are said to be the houses of god and there fore Christians will want them to be as magnificent as possible, with many icons. Churches are built in special ways all icons and the font and the alter is place pacifically. This would give the building a religious atmosphere. There are often crosses and crucifixes hanging in churches. Often this is a large cross above the alter. There is often a an important painting or stained glass window above the alter depicting a scene from the life of Jesus. People go to churches to praise God in song and in word, to learn church teachings, to ask for forgiveness, to pray to God, for help(sanctuary, physical needs or spiritual guidance). Some people go to churches to socialise, some people go for the wrong reasons, to be seen! There are many different types of churches:- * Cathedrals - only used for denominations that has bishops and priests. E.g. orthodox, Roman catholic and Anglican. * Church - general word used for buildings that are designed for Christian worship. * Chapel - name given to meeting place of some protestant groups or part of church that is dedicated to a saint. ...read more.


Rick's answer - I do believe in God or a higher force, but in this day in age communal worship is not necessary and 'new religions' seems to bee emerging in the world, with new hedonistic ethos. Spirituality is a personal subject and I do not feel that it is necessary to worship God in today's society. Sara's answer - No it is not a waste of time. The human body is and amazing thing so something has the power and knowledge which is far better than any machine in science to make the human body or any thing in the world. And worship gives people comfort. My answer - This question I cannot give the answer yes or no because I believe that worship gives people comfort, and I think it is best not to know whether God exists or not. Sometimes I think it is a waste of time and not right to believe in God, because if there were no religions there could be more peace, but we'll never live to know. Conclusion I have found that all Christians use art to worship god, as well as other things. I have enjoyed working on this topic; while I was doing this I had the time to visit some art exhibitions, I went to the national gallery to see some very good pieces of art and to Salvador Dali's art exhibition. I wasn't surprised of what I had found out I did expect that art was used in worship, but I was interested in how Churches and cathedrals are built in special ways. 1 ...read more.

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