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Dunkirk And The Battle Of Britain Sources Questions

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Dunkirk And The Battle Of Britain Question 2: Study Source A. Do you agree with this interpretation of Dunkirk? Use the source and your own knowledge from your studies to explain your answer. The interpretation of Dunkirk depicted in Source A is accurate to a degree, although may contain some bias. An important fact to take into consideration is that the artist who painted that picture was not actually in Dunkirk at the time, it was painted from the descriptions of other people who were in Dunkirk at the time. ...read more.


This was imperative due to the German's considerably outnumbering the BEF in terms of weapons and equipment therefore the majority of the public needed to be strong willed and determined in order to overcome these odds. However, the contents of this painting are by no means entirely fictitious. It does show various aspects that were probably accurate, such as the numbers of men on the beaches, there were probably more or less that number of men there during the first few days of the evacuation. ...read more.


I can see only one image resembling a corpse, and I'm not even entirely sure that it is in fact that. There would also have probably been more panic amongst the soldiers, there is no sign of fighting for boats, soldiers can clearly be seen to be standing around casually in groups as if they were waiting for a bus! They also display no signs of fatigue. Another major detail that seems to be missing is abandoned equipment that was left on the beaches in order for soldiers to escape more quickly. Even the Minister of War himself admitted the large loss of equipment so this is a definite fact that the artist seemingly chose to ignore. ...read more.

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