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Evaluate the ways in which emotion might enhance and/or undermine reasoning as a way of knowledge.

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Evaluate the ways in which emotion might enhance and/or undermine reasoning as a way of knowledge. What is emotion? Something inside of you, how you feel, a gut feeling you cannot controle, an insticntive feeling from the heart, something that affects the way you learn. Emotion affects everyone in different always and affects the way we live. Many people are affected stronger by their emotion than others. If we had no emotion then we would not care about anything such as, newspaper articles. They are printed out to affect people by their emotion. "desert wives lead lives of agony" this article title affects us because of the emotion that we have in side and if we had no emotion then we would not care. Another example of our emotion affecting our life and decisions is the green house effect, many people I the world have changed their life style such as not using their car as much, which lets out the exhaust fumes because of the emotion being triggered by news on the green house effect. ...read more.


In science, there is no certainty so it is more likely for emotion to take over this subject because you have to take chances to prove things correct. If reasoning would be stronger in science then they would need strong evidence for things to be true towards the beginning. Plato defined knowledge as justified true belief which understand as facts and values of which is possible in this subject. Emotion is worse for this subject because it does not help you to achieve the correct answer where as judgement does and allows you to give a justified true belief. Human science. When looking at just children we can say that emotion has an impact on there life depending on where they come from. Margaret mead did a study of adolescence in Samoa. "children are passed from the care of one person to another and so do not develop violent feelings, they have �no emotional allegiance to father and mother", from her study we can se how in Samoa children are not affected in their life ...read more.


There is another way of looking at which is does art influence our way of working such as, does it cause us to be emotional about it or do we become about emotional about it on our own, and the same for reasonable about it. Therefore, there is not a collective answer to what is art as emotion and reasoning are used in it at equal amounts. So I believe for reasoning and emotion work in a positive way in this subject. Emotion might enhance and/or undermine reasoning as a way of knowledge because in most cases emotion is what causes you judgement depending on your culture and the subject areas you look at. As you can see depending on what area you look at it seems as though either emotion or reasoning has a larger influence. Such as subject such as science are there to establish facts where as art is harder to justify value judgements with the same amount of certainty you have in science. In my opinion emotion is what affects our judgements in certain cases such as when looking at something for a first time. ...read more.

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