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ferdinand porsche and design of the volkswagen beetle

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Ferdinand Porsche Designer of the Volkswagen Beetle Prof DR H.C Ferdinand Porsche was an Austrian car designer. He was born in Vratislavice nad Nisou in Bohemia. This is now part of Liberec, a city in the Czech Republic. He was born on September the 3rd 1875. This is also known as Maffersdorf in the German language. Porsche is best known for designing the original Volkswagen Beetle but is also known for his help in designing tanks for the Germans like the Tiger One and Two and the Elefant. In the year 1937 Adolf Hitler awarded the German National Prize for Art and Science to Ferdinand Porsche. This award is very rare so he did well to get it. When you see the name Ferdinand Porsche you will probably think of Porsche cars. You are right in thinking that because Ferdinand's son, who is also named Ferdinand started up Porsche Automobiles. The Porsche family has always been in the car industry with Ferdinand the Second's nephew being the chairman of Volkswagen from 1993 to 2002. Also Ferdinand the Second's son was involved in the design of the legendary Porsche 911. The name Porsche is an old Slavic name which might be related to an old Czech name Bores which is pronounced Boresh. ...read more.


The Volkswagen Beetle was being produced their in large numbers now. Unfortunately a few weeks later he suffered a big stroke. He went downhill from that moment and died on January the 30th of 1951. His two biggest awards though came after his death. In 1996 he was included in the International Hall of Motor sports Fame and in 1999 he was voted Car Engineer Of The Century. Functionality. The Beetle was a simple and hard wearing car. It was designed so that it was a very hard wearing car that couldn't really be scratched or damaged. The original Beetle's dashboard was made from metal - As you can see the interior wasn't soft and flimsy plastic like some cars today. It had a brushed metal dashboard that was extremely tough and durable. It was named by Hitler as the peoples car and was able to transport two adults and three children at speeds of up to 100km/h. This was an advertisement from 1939. It had an air cooled engines, not water cooled. It was like the Mini in terms of simplicity and easiness to use. It was a very simple and easy to operate car that was a bit like a Mini but bigger. ...read more.


Just five seats in a metal framing. The positives about it being such a basic and simple car are the fact that it is one of the most reliable cars and is also very economically friendly, even by today's standards. The Beetle is a very basic car but very well made and because of this you get a really characteristic feeling from it, inside and outside. What do you think about the product/design, would you buy it and why? I have to say that I was prejudiced against the Beetle before I started studying it for this topic. I thought that it was a very ugly car that generally wasn't very good. I was proved wrong. The Beetle is a well manufactured car and as I said, can reach speeds of up to 60mph. This doesn't sound much by today's standards but was pretty good going at the time of design. Although my attitude towards the Beetle has completely changed I would still not buy one. I came to this decision because although the Beetle is a legendary car and is extremely characteristic it is more of a girly car nowadays. I would have bought either the original or the new Beetle because they are both very ugly in my opinion. I think that the original Beetle is ugly but this doesn't stop me admiring both the vehicle and the designer for being such a success over time. ...read more.

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