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Graphics A2-Personal Study

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Personal study - Unit 3: Fashion illustration is not just visual, as is any other stylized illustration or art-form. When artists create or view art, they automatically give justifications about their work and also analyze other creations. When studying graphics, we as future artists have to learn how to create, understand and analyze works of art. Patrick Boyer is an Illustrator in fashion and has been in the business for several years, he enjoys creating web-design based illustrations and has won several awards for best graphic designer. I have chosen two images to analyze and differentiate them. Image (a) was designed in 2004 for web-design and illustrative magazines. This image is based on photographic images collaged together with illustrative designs that have been added later on Photoshop. ...read more.


Apart from the influence of photographs, this image is a purely illustrative design. Boyer has used block colours for the background (that also include gradients that can be found straight from the program, Photoshop) and facial features. This is a very recent piece of art that a couple of years back could not been possible to design. Although this type of artwork is quite modern, people are know familiar to it and doesn't really affect the audience's way of viewing it. You could say that Boyer's pure illustrative skills have great similarities to Jason Brook's work and therefore can be referenced back to him, although Boyer's overall work is more detailed in both facial and bodily features. I would definitely say that this design has been very successful, the wide range of colour and detail satisfy any viewer of illustrative knowledge. The difference between image (a) and (b) ...read more.


In image (a) the figures are silhouetted to enhance the background and the overall mood of the design, where as in image (b) the figure is in the main focus of the eye and thus the background is darker to enhance the figure itself. The moods of both images (a) and (b) are very different, image (a) has a very calm, cool and collective look, where as image (b) is warm, energetic and suggests the title, "Twisted...". Image (a), even though it has been designed recently I can't help view it as and older piece, maybe because it's a sophistically calm design, all I can picture is this design appealing to an older audience around the ages of 20 - 50. Image (b) on the other hand would stand out to younger crowd of maybe 13 - 30 yr olds. I do think that both images have been successful, the colour and composition suit their category; interior design and C.D design/fashion. ...read more.

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