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Hero Movie Review

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Hero - Movie Review Just over 2000 years ago, seven kingdoms struggled to have access to the human capital and natural resource what is now modern day China. Between 230 and 221 BC, the Kingdom of Qin, led by Qin Shihuangdi, waged war and conquered the other six kingdoms, unifying the country into what would become the first dynasty of China. Shihuangdi called it, unifying 'all under heaven'. However, Qin Shihuangdi was ruthless and devastated those who opposed him, which included burning political writings and even killing those who disagreed with his policies. ...read more.


Hero begins with the coming of a nameless warrior at the palace of King Qin. He is here to meet the king because he has allegedly killed the kings' assassins (Sky, Broken Sword, and Flying Snow). Nameless (what the movie has called the warrior) is allowed to sit within 10 paces of the king. The king did not know that making him believe that he had killed the assassins was simply a way to get close enough to use his fatal move to assassinate him. ...read more.


The main character in this film was Jet Li who stars as a warrior with supernatural skill and no fear. With the use of the amazing martial arts and the settings around china Hero is a spectacular film and deserved every one of the 5 stars it received. The main elements in this movie I believe are the acting, music, and settings. Throughout the movie Tarantino uses a brilliant combination of these three elements and it seems to work! Each of the assassins including nameless were written perfectly and the settings and music simply added to the amazement. Overall all Hero is a definite must see. ?? ?? ?? ?? By: Cameron Davis Teacher: Mr. Kaye 15/12/2007 ...read more.

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