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How can you use different techniques to show flesh colour tones on the human figure?

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How can you use different techniques to show flesh colour tones on the human figure? Introduction Leonardo di Vinci in his painting 'Ginevra De' Benci' (oil on pastel) is a classic example of how older painters used pastel colours to portray bright, white, fresh, soft and smooth skin tones. ...read more.


However this was criticised by a Renaissance art historian who thought it 'falsifies the freshness of living skin'. An example of this is in Titains painting 'Tarquin and Lucretia' Paintings of Geisha women and Queen Elizabeth I for example, where there faces are painted completely white and flat are the kind of paintings that I want to ...read more.


My aim for unit 5 practical study, is to study the techniques of Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas and Jenny Saville. All are very different and use different techniques. From this I want to develop my own style influenced by one or more of the artists to create my own final piece/s. ...read more.

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