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How does fashion make us feel?

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Fashion Fashion can convey how we feel about ourselves through style and the way we dress. It can also connect us to our own identities. Many speculations lead us to believe that beauty and popularity are embraced through fashion and the clothing we wear. These lies are promoted in fashion through the media, icons, and social environment. There are many speculations that lead us to believe a certain style or fashion will make us beautiful and/or popular. This mindset is the result of the media through propaganda. Clothing advertisements are seen everywhere through television, magazines, and billboard signs showing beautiful young models wearing the latest fashions. " . . . contemporary fashion magazines are part of an extensive disciplinary apparatus which promotes unreal beauty norms, producing widespread anxiety and alienation among women." ...read more.


Many of our idols today are being paid to promote clothing and other items for designers. Thus teenagers and middle-aged people want to purchase these items to dress like their idols resulting in large profits and fame for these designers. Unfortunately, fashion does not always stay the same. It seems that healthy and voluptuous figures are not in or as popular anymore. For example, icons such as Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton, and Mary-Kate Olson along with many more celebrities promote the new look of skeletal thin. This new look may beautifully display fashionable clothing but in fact is very unhealthy. Designers however are driven by this new skeletal appearance to make a profit, so as a result clothing is designed smaller and less material is considered hot and sexy. ...read more.


For example, the scariest Punk or darkest Goth style may frighten observers and be misunderstood by hiding the individual's true character. Varsity jackets transform the smallest body frame into an athletic Jock by giving them the power and self-esteem necessary to compete and win. Men and Women's business attire gives them an image of being well educated, sophisticated, successful, and wealthy but in reality their individual qualifications may not be suitable for the position. Fashionable clothing can hide an individual's age, character, and physical abilities but can also give them their own unique individual style. Fashion promotes unhealthy bodies, hidden agendas, fame and profit through propaganda in the media, icons, and socially. The newest trends or styles will make you noticeable, but may not make you beautiful or popular. Although this clothing plays a huge role in today's latest trends, the selections should be based on clothing that improves our individual appearance. ...read more.

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