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How is it possible that people from different cultures have have considered certain works of art masterpieces over long periods of time, How objective is this process of evaluation and what role do our emotions play in it?

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HOW IS IT THAT PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT CULTURES HAVE CONSIDERED CERTAIN WORKS OF ART MASTERPIECES OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME? HOW OBJECTIVE IS THIS PROCESS OF EVALUATION AND WHAT ROLE DO OUR EMOTIONS PLAY IN IT? Art is a way to share and express your thoughts and feelings with different people from around the world by altering your inner beliefs into symbols, such as lines and colors, music or writings. This way of communicating with other people with your imagination is one of a few things that can make a person unique. No one can have the same thoughts, feelings and beliefs for a place or for something else with somebody else, therefore when a person makes something artistic it is a masterpiece because no one else can make it exactly the same. As a result when a masterpiece has very good quality then it is considered a masterpiece because the piece of art that is made has apart from good quality, great talent involved and it can remain a masterpiece for long periods of time because simply it is one of a kind. If a piece of art is truly a masterpiece it is widely admired by different cultures from around the world for its quality, truth and knowledge that it contains. ...read more.


It is widely known that works of art such as Joconda by Leonardo da Vinci or paintings of Picasso are priceless and has great value. There is no one that can doubt the originality and the pure technique skills that they use to make them. It is important to underline the importance of such masterpieces, as it is essential to understand the plethora of emotions that are capturing us the time we are looking at such paintings. When someone has different culture from the painter but his work of art is considered a masterpiece then he admires and accepts their significance as well as a person that has been born forty years after the painting has been done. It is therefore crucial to differentiate the normal paintings with the masterpieces and face them differently. Another example of a type of art that can contain masterpieces is photography. Even when most people believe that it cannot be included in the types of art. Well photography is a type of art depending on what it really shows. Art is not when an amateur photographer photos his friends or his family. It is art when a professional or an amateur photographer photos a sight or a display that when somebody looks at it he will be in awe from the picture and understand why that picture was made. ...read more.


Not only all cultures but also all ages hear classical music and that proves the importance and the uniqueness of classical music. As for the other kind of music, the songs that are composed don't last more than a year and their cultures that cannot hear such music. Classical music is universal. This can explain why classical music includes masterpieces. Easily some people could disagree with this opinion saying that other kinds of music can contain masterpieces but it is generally proved that classical music has the most masterpieces that can remain the same all the time. There can be more examples to prove how is it that people from different cultures have considered certain works of art masterpieces over long periods of time. Some of them are literature, sculpture, theatre, dance and films. Masterpieces are called masterpieces because they are widely accepted and are not losing their value during time and that keeps them nice and original. A masterpiece needs to be overlooked again and again to be sure that it is a masterpiece. The biggest role of telling that a piece of art is a masterpiece is our emotions and the feeling the masterpiece is developing. For a piece of art to be a masterpiece needs to be different from all other works of art. That's how people from different cultures have considered certain works of art masterpieces over long periods of time. ...read more.

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