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How is the Reader Drawn into Achebe's Fictional World?

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How is the Reader Drawn into Achebe's Fictional World? The book is written in the past tense, as though it were a story being related to someone. The opening of Chapter three maintains this tradition. The persona who narrates this story is relatively objective in his/her account of the occurrences in Umofia and they seem to have access to the characters' innermost thoughts. In this style of narration, the persona is often referred to as the 'voice of God'. By choosing to write the story this way, Achebe enables the reader to sympathize with the characters in a way that would not be possible had it been written otherwise. Customs unique to Igbo culture are interwoven with features that are personal to the characters. Aspects of Igbo lifestyle that would seem strange to those unacquainted with their culture are written with nonchalance (that is, the persona is not awed when recounting parts of their daily life), which is part of the book's allure. In my opinion, this (at the time it was published) unconventional approach is partly why this book was so successful, as it lends a sense of the exotic to the book. ...read more.


* Losses incurred by the business: will accrue to the company and not the taxpayer. * Broader band of public participation in ownership: at the time of privatisation, shares were sold/given to workers in the previously nationalised industries. What actually happened was that most of the shares were sold at the time of listing and bought up by other shareholders, mainly, insurance firms and pension funds. But at least people had been given the opportunity and those employees who kept their shares have benefited thereby. * Attract investment from financial institutions. * Profiteering from the supply of basic services such as water, lights and heat is not in the best interests of the public as people have a basic right to enjoy a good or service without effective rationing by price. * Selling off the nation's assets which the public, through taxation, have "bought" and developed over the years. * Substituting a public sector monopoly for a private sector monopoly whereas the state ran the services for the benefit of consumers, private sector companies will run the services for a profit. Even with "consumer watchdogs" they may exploit consumers. ...read more.


Chef-d'oeuvre gothique. Notre Dame con�ue par Maurice de Sullly a �t� construite entre les XIIe et XIVe si�cles (1163-1345). Les distances routi�res de France se calculent � partir du point "0 km"situ� sur le parvis. A gothic masterpiece. Notre Dame, conceived by Maurice de Sully, was built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries (1163-1345). Road distances in France are calculated on the basis of the "0 km" marked on the square in front of the cathedral. - The Secret Paris of the '30s is one of the most evocative photographic memoirs ever published. For years it was known that Brassai had taken a series of 'secret photographs' which could not be published because of their daring nature. Alone, or in the company of friends, he discovered the forbidden Paris of the 1930s - its brothels, whores, pimps, and opium dens - the sordid yet bewitching bas-monde where high society mingled with the underworld. Brassai's photographs reveal a milieu previously known only through books such as the novels of Henry Miller (a frequent companion on his nocturnal rambles): the seamy, grimy yet infinitely exciting reality that tourists still think of when they seek 'Paris by night'. These fascinating images are accompanied by Brassai's own text, in which he describes the extraordinary conditions under which he took his ...read more.

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