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I chose to research fantastic and strange because many of my favourite artists lie in that category dali and Hirst

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Introduction Why did I pick fantastic and strange? I chose to research fantastic and strange because many of my favourite artists lie in that category. Ever since I was a child I have been interested in the strange side of art, rather than floral design etc. I have often thought about investigation more into fantastic and strange art. But have never got round to it! Now is my chance.... I was also interested to pick fantastic and strange, because I was interested to see what I myself would make of it. Why I picked Dali? The reason I picked Dali is because ever since I visited his museum in Figures, I've been fascinated by his work!. I visited Dali's home town of figures when I was 14. I visited his museum, having never seen and of his work or having any idea who he was. After visiting his museum and viewing a lot of his work, I was fascinated by Dali. I often wondered what possessed him to create such weird and wonderful pieces of art. Were they based on dreams he had? , or totally made up? ...read more.


1952 Dali goes on a lecture tour in America on "nuclear mysticism"-his new theory of art which combines religion, math, science and Catalan culture in an attempt to revive classical values and techniques; he becomes an American celebrity anew. 1958 Dali and Gala marry in Gerona, Spain on August 8. 1965 Huntington Hartford's Gallery of Modern Art, New York, holds a major Dali retrospective exhibition featuring the entire Morse collection. 1974 Dali's museum, the Teatre-Museu Dali, in Figures, Spain, opens on September 28. 1982 Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida opens on March 7. Gala dies in her castle in Pueblo, Spain, on June 10. King Juan Carlos of Spain confers the title of Marquis of Pubol on Dali. Dali succeeds in changing it to the Marquis of Dali and Pubol. 1989 Dali dies of heart failure on 23rd January in Figures. He is buried under the geodesic dome in the Teatre-Museu Dali. Damien bio. 1965: Damien was born on 7th JUNE in Bristol. He grew up in Leeds with his mum and step dad. 1986: Moved to London, accepted into the BA fine art course at goldsmiths collage. ...read more.


dream Against abstract For the concrete Against youth For maturity Against opportunism For Machiavellian fanaticism Against spinach For snails Against the cinema For the theatre Against Buddha For the marquis de Sade Against medicine For magic Against mountains For the coast line Against Phantoms For spectres Against women For Gala Against men For myself Against time For soft watches Against skepticism For faith SHOCK Damien My view I think the whole point in Damien's art pieces is to shock the viewer. I think he aims to WOW his viewers. By this I mean he has made his pieces of art totally different to anyone elses. Damien has realised that he has had to do something totally out of the ordinary to get peoples attention, (pickling cows). If Damien just drew ordinary pictures. He wouldn't get the same publicity as he does now. A lot of Damien's publicity is bad publicity, but because he gets so many people ranting on about 'hacked up cows' in the news papers. People will see photographs of his work in the newspaper etc and may decide they like it and go to one of his viewings. This way Damien hirst will have gained a lot of fans from people seeing his bad publicity. ...read more.

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