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KYLE presents a disaster scene in his acrylic painting Obliteration. The painting depicts, what can be seen as, a tsunami consuming ocean front property

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´╗┐Barrett Sara Barrett Rebecca Soppe ENC1101 24 October 2012 KYLE: Obliteration Analysis Paper KYLE presents a disaster scene in his acrylic painting Obliteration. The painting depicts, what can be seen as, a tsunami consuming ocean front property. The painting shows a man in, what looks like, a orange rescue coveralls. It shows a house and hotel being swallowed up by the tsunami sized waves. It shows debris from the remnants of wood and metal from houses and hotels. It shows Hurricane Andrew who hit Florida in the 1990s. Hurricane Andrew created tsunami sized waves that consumed towns and killed many people. The painting is positioned so you see a man in front holding onto a metal pipe looking over his shoulder, almost, at the catastrophe behind him. The man is standing in front of a car that has been smashed and crushed by debris. Kyle painted it so you can see a hotel and a house in the middle of the picture that is sinking into the waves of the ocean. There is debris in all corners of the painting that is being carried away by the raging waters. ...read more.


The little details like the blanket in the right corner of the painting gives a since of a homely feeling. KYLE lets it represents the simple things that are lost in tragedies like hurricane Andrew. The car is old and rusted from the salt of the ocean air and with this KYLE shows the first step that happens when a town is being destroyed. Instead of the car drowning with the buildings it is crushed and rusted. Its lights are broken and it is buried under a pile of rubbish. It is the beginning of something tragic. The debris that is located all over the painting shows the loss of the town. This is no longer a town full of thriving people and buildings lit up at night. It is now a town that no longer exists. It has been torn down and threw away by the power of nature. KYLE uses hurricane Andrew to pull the emotion out of the viewers and shows what it is like to see a town after a hurricane hits. KYLE?s use of dark colors and light pastel colors draws attention to the fact that something bright is dying in the darkness of something evil. ...read more.


He uses the debris to show the destruction already accomplished by the water and the remaining buildings and car to show what is left to be destroyed. The realistic portrayal of the disaster allows KYLE to grab the viewers? attention and make them feel the sorrow that the people in this town must have felt while watching it turn to nothing. KYLE?s work is effective in showing the realistic view point of a hurricane destroying a town and leaving nothing but rubbish behind. It gives emotion to the viewer and lets them be a part of the dramatic scene they are looking at. In the 1990s being attacked by a hurricane is worse than being attacked now. Back then no one really had the money to fix their houses or a whole town for that matter. KYLE uses the destruction to bring out the disasters that we may not want to happen but that will happen anyways without our control. A hurricane like hurricane Andrew can hit any town or city or state anywhere, leaving many people without homes and cars or maybe even killing many people. Hurricane Andrew is a great example of the destruction that can happen to a town and a great example of the lives that can be lost along the way. ...read more.

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