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Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was a glamorous woman who created a mad obsession within the world from her short-lived life. Marilyn Monroe is the only one whose vivid image remains instantly recognisable to millions of men and women young and old throughout the world. Each new generation of movie goers and film commentators seems to discover her afresh, virtually re-inventing her image to suit the fashion of the time and there have been many imitators of Monroe 'style' both during her lifetime and since. Marilyn Monroe influenced fashion over the late 50's, the figure hugging material that was to create the small waist and emphasise larger hips to show the woman's curvy figure, the figure that Marilyn Monroe is extremely famous for. Marilyn Monroe was always centre of media attention this had a very strong connection with the style at the time as she needed to always look the very best to keep her reputation and image going. Looking at different artist's I came across William De kooning and his unique way of portraying Marilyn Monroe, He fragmented human figures, continuously piecing them together and disassembling them again, he was influenced by cubism but not accepting cubism's clear, fixed, and stable composition. Just as he dismembered the human figure he destabilised cubist design, decomposing it into carelessly shifting and interpenetrating compacted but open forms, this was the way Marilyn Monroe was painted he concentrated little on detail and used large expressive brush movements capturing the voluptuous figure of Marilyn Monroe. ...read more.


Warhol immigrated to America In the hope to further his career so did de Kooning. Warhol's first Pop paintings had a drippy Abstract Expressionist style. It was only when he started to paint things flat, dead on, that he found his true style. Warhol created paintings that directly reproduced mass-media images of stars or people who got into the news by dying, or being murdered. In 1962 he made paintings of Marilyn Monroe, who had just died; her repeated, blackened image is like a ghost on the canvas. Andy Warhol had a huge obsession with glamour, style and fashion. By the 1960's Warhol had collected large groups of press and publicity photographs of stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and had stored piles of fan magazines and tabloid newspapers. From these he collected the images that would become the source of his paintings and prints of Marilyn and Liz. Andy Warhol a Pop artist transforms mass produced objects and information from the mass media into art, he also turns his own art into mass produced objects. The Pop artists of that time created images that anybody walking down Broadway could recognize in a split second. Comic's, picnic tables, men's trousers, shower curtains, refrigerators, coke-bottles all the great modern things that abstract expressionists tried so hard not to notice at all. ...read more.


Using the screen prints I experimented, working on top of these to create the layers of tragedy and lies that the media brings. In some ways I've used paint in violent slashes across the prints to show a distorted view of the tragedy that happened, this can be related to the work of William de Kooning, Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff. In my work I have joined two different artist's techniques together to create my 21st century final painting. For this project about Marilyn Monroe I wanted to create a piece of art that showed her beauty through her features. Through my work I have made sketches of Marilyn's features - eyes, chest, body, lips, nose etc. from pencil or pastels, from these I've created a silk scarf which has parts of Marilyn printed on. The flow and lightness of the material represents the fifties style clothing that Marilyn Monroe would have been seen wearing, and her features that have been put onto the scarf represent the beauty that Marilyn Monroe became famous for. I wanted to research Marilyn Monroe to find out the true beauty that she was to the world and it's artists, as it was her stunning looks that made her a goddess and attracted her to me this is why she became the subject for my research. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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