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Paula Rego: Her Art and Her Story

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´╗┐Wednesday 10th October 2012 Paula Rego: Her Art and Her Story By Ellice Hetherington Paula Rego?s art ranges from the abstract and avant-garde, to the evocative, yet grandiose. All her paintings originate from a long-standing folk tale or medieval village fable. When her parents left her to find work in the United Kingdom, she stayed with her grandmother in Lisbon, and there, she was told of these stories which now take the underlying and sole origin for her work; almost her entire inspiration for her pieces. Even though her paintings are sometimes figurative, rather than lifelike, there is always a common feature that remains dominant in her work, and that is the human anatomy. Her understanding of the complexities that are the human anatomy is extraordinary; the way our skeletal alignment moves is portrayed accurately and realistically within her paintings, something that is a skill all artists desire to get right. Even when her pieces are meant to be ?caricature? in looks, she still manages to keep the proportions of her dominant article correct within her image, which makes her art so eye-catching and thoughtful. ...read more.


Another painting further supports my idea, and it is that of a young girl in a relaxed composition, with the same features as the girl in the painting mentioned previously. I took this as a link, and based upon my original idea, I related this to her statement. The paintings I like most are the ?Dog Women? series, which feature women in ?dog-like? poses. The first painting from the series is the one I like best, because it boasts different media, which collaborate together to make her most complex, yet beautiful, piece yet. You can evidently see it has the use of pastels for the background, pigment sticks for the skirt, watercolours for the floor and, then, oil paint for the skin. It reveals her true understanding of the skeletal alignment, because a pose so animalistic as the dog, is challenging and can easily go wrong, but this piece is anything but incorrect. It truly is a wonderful piece, and from what I would call her collection of evocative and avant-garde art. I can relate to this, because I, myself, like art that is slightly abstract, slightly distorted from reality, but so thought-provoking and eye-catching. ...read more.


Sometimes they are satirical, but again, you can draw your own humour from the work. When one can draw their own thoughts and feelings from art and not be told what it is saying, that is when it becomes unlike no other. Paula Rego is a very talented and inspirational artist and I hope that when I design and finish a piece of art I have created from its foundations, I can bring the depths of thought and complexity, as well as the skills, Paula brings to her work. ?Little Miss Muffet? ?Unknown? ?Unknown? ?The Best Dog Woman? I dislike this piece Young girl being Young girl in a This painting shows the most, but I like dressed by an relaxed her deep the achromatic older woman. composition. Understanding of the Effect. It doesn?t (Paula and her Maybe related skeletal alignment. show her grandmother?) to art, pictured There are uses of understanding of Notice the use of left. Notice, again, different media the human anatomy, red for the carpet; the use of red, present. Very which I feel, shows you start there and which draws you avant-garde and she is a great artist. work your way up to the facial evocative; the art I the painting. Features. like the best. ...read more.

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