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Picasso's Guernica Analysis

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´╗┐Name: Charleston Lim Class: 5.13 The following text type is a painting entitled ?Guernica? by Pablo Picasso dated in 1937. 1937 was the period of Spanish Civil war and this painting was created in response to the bombing of Guernica. The intention Pablo Picasso had creating this painting was probably to depict scenes of the tragedies of war, loss of innocent lives. The attitude of Pablo Picasso shown through this painting would be that he is one that is truly against war, as shown by the helplessness of many faces in the painting. The whole outlook of this painting already gives audience a gloomy mood due to colours used in the painting. There are only three colours used in this painting: white, black and grey. These colours are neither striking nor attractive and thus give the painting a dismal and dreary outlook. ...read more.


War takes away many innocent lives, not only would it take away soldiers who brave themselves in war, the bombing in Guernica had separated the mother and child for life. This thus highlights the theme of futility of war as sinless and unsullied lives are taken away. In the centre, a horse can be made out, but there are other, hidden images present too, including a human skull and another bull. The spear that has run through the horse and caused it so much pain creates a gaping wound that dominates much of the rest of the scene. It is also important to recognise that the action seems to be taking place in a room, at least on the left side, while a burning building is visible on the right. Picasso's intention appears to be to place this carnage both inside and outside, and to show how it brings man down to the level of beasts. ...read more.


The right of the painting is perhaps the most conventional, featuring as it does a human figure wracked with pain and on fire. This is a less symbolic and more realistic portrayal of another part of the horrors of war, with flames surrounding the figure and, to the extreme right of the canvas, a dark door opening. There are different interpretations of this door. Some see it as the only hope for those trapped in the painting, as if they can still escape. Others see it as an ominous sign, a doorway to nothingness and a sign that Picasso believes the conflict will lead only to destruction. It is possible to see the door as both simultaneously, offering an equal chance of either oblivion or salvation. However, the bleakness of the view through the door suggests that Picasso sees it as a portal to doom. ...read more.

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