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Pop Art, visual arts movement of the 1950s and 1960s, principally in the United States and Great Britain.

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Pop Art, visual arts movement of the 1950s and 1960s, principally in the United States and Great Britain. The images of pop art (shortened from "popular art") were taken from mass culture. Some artists duplicated beer bottles, soup cans, comic strips, road signs, and similar objects in paintings, collages, and sculptures. Others incorporated the objects themselves into their paintings or sculptures, sometimes in startlingly modified form. Materials of modern technology, such as plastic, urethane foam, and acrylic paint, often figured prominently. One of the most important artistic movements of the 20th century, pop art not only influenced the work of subsequent artists but also had an impact on commercial, graphic, and fashion design. ...read more.


Surrealism grew directly out of the movement known as Dadaism, an art and literary movement reflecting nihilistic protest against all aspects of Western culture. Like Dadaism, surrealism emphasized the role of the unconscious in creative activity, but it employed the psychic unconscious in a more orderly and more serious manner. Artists in Surrealism: * Paul �luard, * Louis Aragon * Ren� Crevel * Philippe Soupault * William Blake * Odilon Redon * Salvador Dali * Rene Magritte Andy Warhol * Andy Warhol was born in 1928 and died in 1987 * He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ...read more.


Rene Magritte * Rene Magritte was born in 1898 and died in 1967. * He was born in Lessines, Belgium * He studied at the Acad�mie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussel. * Rene Magritte's work was first shown in the United States in New York City in 1936 and again in that city in two retrospectives, one at the Museum of Modern Art in 1965 and the other at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1992. * His painting Son of Man was one of his most popular paintings. * In addition to fantastic elements, he displayed a mordant wit, creating surrealist versions of famous paintings, as in Madame R�camier de David. Son of Man Three Flags Campbell's Soup Can ...read more.

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