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Review of Freedman Gallery Annex.

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Review of Freedman Gallery Annex Introduction The Freedman Gallery Annex is located two blocks away from Albright College. Unlike the Mexico Illuminated, the Annex consists of mostly video, photography and installations and not much painting and conventional sculpture by young artists. Most of them were trained in architecture rather than art. They include Daniel Navarro, Fernado Palomar, Kuis Miguel Suro, Franciso Urgarte, Lourdes Mendez, Javier Duenas, Enrique Guerrero, Marcos Ramirez, etc. Most of them are from Guadalajara. When I stepped into the warehouse, I was amazed how they could present art work in such kind of an old and doom place. But later till I walked in, I finally understood the ware house was definitely a suitable place to have such strange art work. There were about 4 displays which caught my eyes and I do want to talk about them. The first one is a Wall paper which has no title by Javier Duenas in 2003. ...read more.


The other art work is presented as two photographs by Daniel Navarro called Sky Park in 2003. The two pictures are of the same subjects, but they were taken in different perspectives. The first one is like a wall as a ground, and I could see the sky (by recognizing the white clouds and blue sky). Then on the wall, there is two chairs standing against it. They are like the chairs in children playground or park. No wonder it is called Sky Park. In the other picture, I could see that the chairs are horizontally stuck on the wall. After all, I understood why it makes a difference when you take a picture from different directions. The other display is an antiwar video in which an artist who uses the single name Artemio combines scenes of destruction with images from Disney's Winnie the Pooh movies. The monitor is installed in a military pup tent, which means one must be agile to view it. ...read more.


For the Sky Park by Daniel Navarro, the photographer is trying to tell us that picturing the same thing in different perspectives can vary a great deal. In this picture, he stuck the chair on the wall horizontally and pictured it from the bottom of the wall made the wall and the chairs really like appeared as a sky park. Conclusion: For the video in the little tent, obviously, the artist made this display to anti-the war. He tried to tell the world that wars are not the good ways to solve problems. They would just keep continuing throughout the world. Thousands across the country have voiced their opinions on the war, but many were harassed and many teens were suspended from their schools if their views were anti-war. Wearing anti-war T-shirts and facing their backs to the American flag got many teens in trouble. Different people have different ways to express their opinions. This artist is smarter to express it in art because it can get him out of a lot of troubles. ...read more.

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