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The Arts and Crafts movement was a reaction to the industrial revolution.

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Design Essay 1 Rowan Milne Due to the industrial revolution in the 18th century, materials such as furniture etc were increasingly being mass-produced in order to meet demand. This led to a decrease in the amount of hand made products, as they would tend to be more expensive than the mass-produced goods. Eventually this resulted in fewer people having the individual artistic skills needed to produce these objects. However, although manufactured goods were cheap they lacked individuality and artistic value; this led to many people rejecting these items. The Arts and Crafts movement was a reaction to the industrial revolution. There were many types of people involved in this movement, such as designers, architects, poets, authors and musicians. They wanted to reach out from the manufactured market and to re-instate a society, which involved individuality and the need for original design. One method of enforcing this movement was to produce more objects by craftsmen and avoid the use of machinery. People involved in this movement were influenced and inspired by medieval designs and natural things such as birds and flowers. Many techniques from the past were also used to produce pieces of art, for e.g., stained glass window making, tapestry and weaving. ...read more.


Designs form this movement often used subtle colours and a clever use of line and space. By the end of the 19th century there were many technological developments which allowed artists to experiment with new techniques and use materials they may have previously found difficult to use in art, such as iron, steel, concrete and glass. Using these types of materials encouraged artists to experiment with creative styles and experiment with structure. At this time technological developments in printing processes were also being developed and this was very advantageous for graphic designers because it allowed them to experiment with new styles. Art Nouveau designers took their inspiration from nature. Plants and flowers were the main themes. In different countries the designs varied slightly but this was mainly due to the varied tastes in each place. Other elements which influenced the designers were the female from and insects such as dragonflies. These themes were often just used as a starting point for the designer who could later develop these ideas into imaginative designs. Louis Comfort Tiffany was a designer who was also very interested in stained glass design and he also looked to nature for inspiration. ...read more.


He also used a technique, which produced gem like lumps of glass by whirling the molten glass round on a rod. These gems would catch the light at different angles and create colourful effects. Tiffany's work was an exciting breakthrough because his glass windows were created in an entirely original way and differed hugely from previous designers work. His glass windows had amazing use of light, colour and texture. In 1912 Tiffany created the 'Peacock window' featured below. William Morris was a prime example of an artist involved in the Arts and crafts movement and he helped to express the significance of the movement at the time. Lois comfort Tiffany was linked to the Arts and Crafts movement to a certain extent and he also based his designs around plants and natural things and his new and inspired styles convey his involvement in art nouveau. I personally find both of the pieces of artwork I investigate to be particularly stunning. They are both very original and use different styles and a varied use of colour. The detail in each of the windows is spectacular and the flowing natural pattern draws your eye to the elaborate detail in the glass designs. Although each of the artists work is very different I enjoyed the windows they have designed equally. ...read more.

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