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This investigation was planned to explore: "Miró's Use of Abstract - Surrealistic Forms, Colour and Compositions within his Pieces".

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Evaluation This investigation was planned to explore: "Mir�'s Use of Abstract - Surrealistic Forms, Colour and Compositions within his Pieces" I began my investigation by firstly researching Mir� as an artist, in which I discovered his 'personal links' to his works. Also how the time, place, (established in the biography) and who influenced him. As in the beginnings of his career he dabbled in different painting styles that were fashionable at the turn of the century like Fauvism and Cubism. I chose this topic because I was very intrigued by Mir�'s work, especially his use of abstract forms and the vibrant shades of colour that he used in a variety of different ways. Mir� himself called it his 'poetry and music' within many of his paintings and sculptures as in Woman (1949) "Femme" and "Le corps de ma brune..." (Picture Poem) (1925). I find his painting techniques rather dramatic in some works yet subtle in others. He has an extraordinary way of creating these strange surreal forms, which Mir� said came "almost entirely from hallucination". By 1930 the artist had developed his own style. Mir�'s art is hard to describe. It is characterized by brilliant colours combined with simplified forms that remind you of drawings made by children at the age of five, by using basic forms, the use of irregular forms and vibrant colours. ...read more.


I had many varied feelings whilst doing my work, as I really did not prefer working with paints at first; however I gradually grew confident using them. In spite of this my studies suggested that I should develop my paintings by incorporating the effects, which I favoured most. These included Mir�'s use of texture, tone and refined appearance of different materials, his use of detailed brushwork and the elements - colour, emotion, direction, power and light which I developed throughout the time of the project. I was pleased with my personal study, as I was able to conclude and find relevant answers to my question. I felt that I incorporated many effects that Mir� used, as a result I have learned a great deal about his different techniques and styles, using the main themes Abstraction, Surrealism, Colour and Compositions. By studying him I found out about his influences, background and a little about him as a person and how he has influenced many future artists minds and their works. Conclusion Joan Mir� was an influential 20th century painter, sculptor, ceramicist and printmaker, who was born in 1893 in the Catalan region of Spain, near Barcelona. He began drawing as a young boy, and during his school life he was encouraged to revive the spirit of primitive Catalan art, combining it with modern discoveries and techniques. ...read more.


Exquisite corpse was a technique where a dictionary was passed around in a group of poets, who would each choose a word randomly from it. Whatever words came up, they would organize into a poem; this is how the phrase "exquisite corpse" was created. This technique can be seen in "Le corps de ma brune..." (Picture Poem) (1925) also in "A Star Caresses the Breast of a Negress" (Painting Poem) (1938) "Une �toile caresse le sein d'une n�gresse (peinture - po�me)". Mir�'s influence on the art of the later 20th century is great; some artists who were influenced by him include Robert Motherwell, Alexander Calder, Arshile Gorky, Jackson Pollock, Roberto Matta, Mark Rothko, Alexander Calder, and expressive abstract painters. Perhaps the original colour field painter was Matisse, and perhaps Mir�'s use of a large field of colour was due to Matisse's influence. Painters who came afterward who use the colour field include Helen Frankenthaler, Jules Olitski and Morris Louis. Mir�'s vast fields of colour also introduced the idea of "empty" space being as valuable as occupied space in painting. Mir� said on many occasions that: "The spectacle of the sky overwhelms me. I'm overwhelmed when I see, in an immense sky, the crescent of the moon, or the sun. There, in my pictures, tiny forms in huge empty spaces. Empty spaces, empty horizons, empty plains - everything which is bare has always greatly impressed me." ...read more.

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