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What is Interactive Media

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Interactive Media 3000 Word Essay Francis Nicholls What is Interactive Media? I am going to begin my essay with a brief definition of the phrase Interactive Media; "Interactive media is the integration of digital media including combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound, into a structured digital computerised environment that allows people to interact with the data for appropriate purposes. The digital environment can include the Internet, telecoms and interactive digital television." In the simplest of terms, Interactive media is any type of media that you can interact with. Whether it be a mobile phone, television or a website, as long as your interacting with a piece of digital technology, it then comes under the phrase Interactive Media. How is Interactive Media Developing? Interactive media is vastly developing each year, not only in the amount of users but also the amount of creators, inventors and developers. The scale of young people opting to take further education all around the world in areas such as media, means potential for new ideas and concepts which are already rapidly evolving and emerging every day, is going to be greater. Also with large media companies ever expanding and developing, not to mention newer and smaller companies starting every week, the demand for talented individuals with new ideas and up-to-date knowledge of software is becoming bigger and bigger. Which also leads to more people deciding to take courses such as Interactive Media in the first place. Interactive Media is an ever-expanding aspect of our ever-expanding society, and I strongly believe that certain people shouldn't be so ignorant to the fact and the world needs to advance further, especially in medial advances and research. Being left wing myself and also a big consumer of digital technology it is still very hard to say just how advanced we may be within the next 100 years. My opinion, looking back on the advances in a little as 20 years, how computers have advanced, how telecommunication has advanced, video, camera, ...read more.


But at what price do you put expense over practicality? I know a lot of people that would even feel as though they couldn't carry on their every day life without their mobile in their pocket. Without mobile phones, the world would be a different place and being only 20 I find it hard to remember what life was like without them. This again proves just how much the mobile phone revolution is taking place and it wont be long before everyone you know possesses a mobile phone. * Brazil has the same number of cellular phone subscribers as the whole of Africa combined. Asia, with 450 million subscribers, has twice the number of subscribers as the Americas combined. There are 836.5 million mobile subscribers in OECD countries. * While the United States has 199 million cell phone subscribers, it is not part of the top ten countries with the highest percentage of mobile subscribers. 55% of the US population are mobile subscribers. I was quite surprised by this, as I would have assumed the US to at least be in the top 10 countries as I feel that they are definitely within the top 10 when it comes to technology. However the size of America is quite large and open so maybe its size is relevant to the statistic results, although this would be voided by the result of Asia having over double the amount of mobile phones than the US. * Africa holds only 3% of the world's mobile subscribers, yet Africa is the first place where mobile subscribers outnumbered fixed-line subscribers. In five years (1997-2002), the number of cell phone subscribers in Africa grew by 1600%. Looking at this statistic it is quite clear how the use of mobile phones, even in poorer countries has rapidly increased in only 5 years. Thinking about this statistic, I feel further development of newer mobile phone technology will result in poorer countries being able to get hold of older models and increasing statistic even more. ...read more.


If mobile phone developers are going to put so much effort into the progression of picture and video, then they should at least try and advance mobile gaming. I think this could dramatically increase sales and definitely attract an even younger audience. After these advances there are still other things to be introduced and improved such as the introduction of touch screen. Its only recently a few of the phone makes introduced touch sensitive buttons for only two buttons, the on and off button and the call and end call buttons. It is only very recently Apple have introduced a phone that is fully dependent on touch screen to navigate throughout the GUI. As well as touch screen other things are still to get developed like surfing the web, size and shape of phones and video calling. Summary After researching and thinking about the mobile phone revolution and the development in mobile phone technology I feel much more aware of how quickly technology is advancing. I feel in a way it's definitely a good thing but also quite a scary idea that at the rate we are advancing we have no idea what could be just round the corner. What new technology will we all be purchasing in 50 years, which is a 'normal' part of everyone's lives. Recently, I watched a television programme on channel four called 'The Human Footprint' one of the facts included on this programme was, 'the average person will be introduced to another 1000 "couldn't live without" items in our lifetime' which implies there are yet to be many things to be invented which we will feel as though 'we couldn't live without' once we being to take these inventions for granted. I think mobile phones will remain part of our every day lives forever and will one day be a piece of technology no one is without, unless health issues were to arise. 800/4000 words include information or quotes from other websites; these have been made clear in grey text. ...read more.

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