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When I think of culture the first three things that come to mind are art, food, and symbols.

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Culture When I think of culture the first three things that come to mind are art, food, and symbols. The formal definition of culture is the shared products of human groups. Italy is one of the most rich and diverse cultures of the world. Italy is a land of art which is one of yhe main reasons it is rich in culture. It also over the years has developed some of the most popular foods all over the world. Throughout Italy there are various symbols dating back to the beginning of Italy's existence twelve thousand years ago. Italians believe a country that does not appreciate art is a country with no soul. This clearly shows the impact that art has had on Italian culture. ...read more.


The opera and ballet were both founded in Italy as well as many musical instruments including the violin, piano, and cello. An Italian monk, Guido D'Arezzo, invented a way to write music on paper. Architecture is another part of Italian art, there are many famous churches and other various buildings including the Coliseum, the Forum, and the Pantheon that architects today are still trying to figure out how they were built. Palladio, one of Italy's most famous architects, was loved my Thomas Jefferson and you can see his style in Monticello and the University of Virginia campus. As you can see, Italy has been the home to many artistic inventions and people which has a strong impact on their culture. ...read more.


Over the course of Italy's twelve thousand years it has inherited many symbols. Most of these symbols relate to either history or their religion. In Italy there are 100,000 monuments, 20,000 churches, and 3,000 historic sites. Among the most famous of these symbolizing their religious beliefs are the Sistine Chapel, the Basilicas in Rome, and the various churches throughout the country. The largest church in the world and home to the Catholic Pope is in Italy, the St Peters Cathedral. As you can see the Italian culture is very rich, well-rounded and diverse. Italians are a gentle and proud people. They know how to enjoy life and live relaxed and happy. They love to enjoy their culture and see all the wonderful art and symbols of their country and cook all their wonderful food. "Made in Italy" means made with style and class and coming from a country with one of the richest cultures. ...read more.

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