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Where I Stand

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Where I Stand By: Cassey Smith I am a daughter and an enemy to my sister due to the occasional warfare in our household. I am the most annoying person in my family. Though, my sister is tough competition. I am a guitar hero when playing against my family and friends, even if they aren't the best players in the world. I'm going to be the first in my family to go to college at eighteen. Due to the fact that I am the only one in my family who had honors classes and summer homework. I am a friend to many people, but not a lot of people in my school. ...read more.


I believe that people can change, even the most reluctant. Everybody changes. Evolution can be natural or even kick started by a friend. I believe that sleeping is my best friend, especially when school starts. I believe in keeping secrets. I understand that keeping secrets can be a bad thing. Though, it keeps relationships alive. I believe that the world lies too much. It could be about anything. Apparently, it's an international trait. I've never really cared for snakes or any deadly creatures. Overused quotes drive me insane. For example, "Dude", "Whatever", and "No Way" are wreaking havoc on my brain as I speak. I do not care for politics. ...read more.


I'm tired of watching commercials. Did you know that for every thirty minutes of television you watch, eight of those minutes are total commercials? I am so bored with Myspace already. Everyone is so obsessed with it and that's all I hear at school. I believe in mythical creatures. The creativity of the characters sparks my imagination. I believe in life on other planets. The thought of having more advanced life forms intrigues me. This makes me what to explore the galaxy in hopes of finding anything out there. I believe in being my own person, not caring about what others think of me. Last but not least, I believe in a cure for all deadly diseases. It all depends on the intelligence and perseverance of the future. ...read more.

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