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2. Investigate the role of management in improving business performance.

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2.1 In this part of my report I am going to investigate the second learning outcome - "Investigate the role of management in improving business performance." To do this I must investigate the deployment of human resources, the use of organisational structures in a business, strategic and tactical direction and finally the outcomes of effective and ineffective management. When all of these aspects have been investigated I will have fulfilled this second learning outcome. Firstly I am going to investigate the deployment of human resources to achieve organisational aims an objectives. Boots state that their aim is - "To be the place for health and beauty customers. We want to secure market leadership in the UK and build on our brands' growing success internationally." Therefore their objectives would be derived to try and achieve this aim. Some of the objectives that Boots are likely to have include - > To make a profit > Surviving > Increasing sales or market share > Be Market leaders > Providing a service to the community > Producing high quality products or offering high quality service > Fulfill charitable or non-profit objectives such as caring for the environment All of these aims and objectives would need to be completed by different areas of the business. It is essential that the right functional area is chosen to complete the right objective. If not then there is a risk that the objective may not be completed at all. Some of the things that human resources need to ensure are completed include - . > What the staffing needs are and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs > Recruiting and training the best employees > Staff are a major resource in any business. ...read more.


These people provide their own area of expertise within their team. Here is a matrix structure for the new venture of opening a Boots store at Discover Trentham. Disadvantages and advantages of organisational charts Disadvantages Advantages It doesn't show what type of company it is (formal, informal) It shows a detailed description of a company without paragraphs of writing The chart can become out of date quickly if an employee leaves. You can see which levels/rank different staff are on. Cant see the relationships between staff (i.e. who is friends) You can see how many staff each manager supervises You cannot tell who the best worker is. You can see how many levels there are within the business 2.3 Strategic planning is the process of determining a company's long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals. They are Long-term plans based on the organizations overall business objectives. Strategic plans typically last for many years. However it can not be assumed that there is a strategy for achieving the aims and objectives of Boots, because aims and objectives constantly change therefore the strategy to help do this will consequently change as well. It is essential that every employee is on board and aware of any strategy in place to ensure that the strategy is fulfilled. Here are some examples of strategic planning and how it helps a business plan for the future - > Competitive Advantage - seeking to identify sources of competitive advantage > Adding Value - looking at ways to add value, this way the consumer will shop with your store and not the competitor > Mass or niche markets? ...read more.


not surviving within the market as the competitors will fill the gap that Boots would leave if they were to begin a decline within the market. > Share price may decline - if the business is reported to be doing badly within the market i.e. bad profit margins, losses etc. then share prices are likely to decrease because people wont want to invest in a declining business. > Gain a bad reputation - if a business gains a bad reputation then it can be detrimental for its future existence. Even if the reason for the bad reputation is no longer there they still have that stigma around them that discourages people to shop there. > Insolvency - Boots could become insolvent if it doesn't have enough assets to pay its debts. An insolvent company goes into administration or liquidation which means that they are at risk of being taken over, they would have no choice other than someone to buy out the business which they could then run as they wish. > Bankruptcy - although this is unlikely as Boots is a major international organisation they could become bankrupt. If this should happen the company must cease trading. Ultimately it is essential that a business ensures that its business is effectively managed. if human resources have deployed the correct functional areas to fulfil the right objectives, if the organisational structure is correct for the functions within the business, if the right strategies are in place to help the business to progress, if all of these points are considered then it will lead to an effectively managed business that will help improve business performance ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Martyn Fox Task 2 Business & Management ...read more.

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