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30 minutes on their Lymington Route, and from 35 minutes from Portsmouth. WightLink have a high standard of customer service. Below are the key attractions for customers

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Sami Hamroush WightLink is a ferry company that has ferries going from Portsmouth and Lymington to Ryde, Fishbourne and Yarmouth. WightLink Ferries targets customers from all professions, genders, ages, and life styles, because it is one of the only travel services that offer sea travel on the island, and is the only on in Ryde. Because of this, all kinds of people need to use their service, for work, shopping, tourism...etc. So this means that Wight Link's customers include rich and poor people. WightLink is the largest and fastest ferry service with over 72,000 sailings a year across the Solent, and sailings every half an hour in peak season. With a crossing time of only 30 minutes on their Lymington Route, and from 35 minutes from Portsmouth. WightLink have a high standard of customer service. Below are the key attractions for customers. > WightLink offers the most flexible service to the Island by virtue of the two routes complimented by the number of sailings > From 35 minutes from Portsmouth, 30 minutes from Lymington > Over 72,000 sailings a year > Good record of reliability, especially during inclement weather > Block bookings available for regular "scheduled" runs, even during busy holiday periods > Printed copy of block booking reservations confirmed to client > Charges only raised for vehicles shipped; no penalty for unused bookings > Credit accounts available > Invoices raised on a weekly ...read more.


* Wight Link has also got a very easy transport system to get to and leave the pier or terminal, there is a train station in both Ryde and Portsmouth pier and terminal, and there is a bus station in Ryde that's just 5 minutes away from the pier, and a bus station just outside the Portsmouth terminal which has buses going all round England. * Wight Link does not charge people if they have booked their ferry then missed it. * Very reliable timings. * Many ferry timetables, which are easy to get. * Wight Link also sponsors the local Ice Hockey team, which makes them better known by people who watch the Raiders ice hockey team. * It is free of charge to take children under 5 years old, and bicycles and pets. * Wight Link is one of the only ways to get to the island Wight Link Ferries is also used by tourists a lot because of the following reasons: * All the terminals and piers are not far away from every thing for example, Ryde pier is near all the Ryde shops, and has a bowling alley and ice rink just beside it, so it is an ideal choice for tourists. * Wight Link sponsors the local ice hockey team, so tourists who go to watch them or skate in their ice rink will see their leaflets and logo everywhere. ...read more.


WightLink have many posters that display their services, information and special offers to customers. WightLink communicate with their customers in many ways, through posters, adverts on ferries, and speaking to their customers through adverts and speakers in the terminals and on the ferries while travelling. WightLink know their customers' response because they have surveys to measure customer satisfaction. Wightlink measure their customer support by taking their customers opinion, they do this in many ways: * Surveys: Wightlink staff get there customers opinion about the business by asking there customers, by random, what they think of the business and what improvements can be made by using a questionnaire or survey. This will measure the customers satisfaction and give Wightlink ideas on how to improve there service to there customers so they can be more satisfied with the business. * Phone: Wightlink always supply there customers with there help desk phone number, this is so if there is any problems, complaints or just general inquires the customer can easily find there contact information. Using this Wightlink can find out what the main problems the customers find with Wightlink so they could fix them, for example somebody might complain that the times are inconvenient with the bus times. * Complaints: Wightlink accept complaints from customers, in their customer support desk they have complaint sheets that customers can fill in to make any complaints or comments about their service. Wightlink review these and try to correct or improve their service to make it more convenient for there customers. ...read more.

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