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A Business Plan

Extracts from this document...


Contents Page Introduction to Business Plan Company name Page 3 Service Provided Page 3 Mission Statement Page 4 Business Objectives Page 4 Legal Form Page 4 Stakeholders Page 5 Legislation Page 6 Insurance Page 6 Marketing Page 7 Financial Sources Page 8 Monitoring Quality Page 9 Operating days and times Page 9 Market Background Market Research Page 11 Local Suppliers Page 11 Consumer Research - Questionnaire Page 12 Results Page 14 Overall Outcome Page 21 Sales Page 22 Initial Research Premises needed Page 22 Letter of Agreement Page 24 Map of School Page 25 Equipment (location/cost) Page 26 Cash Register Page 26 Table and Chair Page 27 Refrigerated Units Page 27 Transport Page 28 Total Expenditure Page 28 Stock (location/cost) Page 29 Staff Skills Page 30 Financial Resources Profit and Loss Page 31 Balance Sheet Page 32 Cash flow Page 33 Breakeven Page 36 Usage of ICT Page 37 Future Development Page 40 Appendix Page 41 Scrumptious School Smoothies Introduction to Business Plan Company name: Scrumptious School Smoothies I chose the name 'Scrumptious Smoothies' for numerous reasons; firstly it states the service provided by the business - 'Smoothies.' It is a remember-able name containing alliteration. The name Scrumptious Smoothies has not been used by any other businesses according to Google search engine, www.yell.com, www.thomaslocal.co.uk and in the phonebook of BT on the date of 21st March 2007. Neither of the search engines or telephone directory businesses resulted in any companies with the likeliness of scrumptious in the name. I then looked on www.duport.co.uk to see if any other businesses were called Scrumptious Smoothies and the feedback was negative, no other companies had taken the name so I reserved the name for �29 so this stops other companies having the name . Service Provided: With research, it was identified that there was a gap in the market for a smoothie selling service business on the premises of Emmbrook School therefore I will sell a variety of flavoured smoothies at competitive prices. ...read more.


With a high income salary of pupils parents it shows that there would be a chance of allowing the student to take extra money to school as they are not hard up and struggling. It's a great fact that many of the pupils think it's a good idea to install a stall to the school and already drink smoothies and like them even further they drink them for breaks and lunch which is when they would be on sale at school plus they said that they would rather buy a smoothie than a machine drink. The pupils said they would purchase a smoothie very regularly and often which is brilliant as this secures a maximised number of sales. It is clear that I will have to offer a selection of flavours of smoothies and the 3 favourite types of smoothie that I will sell first are - Mangoes and Passion fruit, Strawberry and banana and Oranges, Bananas and pineapples however in the future I can expand the product range and perhaps the product portfolio is the business is successful and if there is a higher demand for other flavours. I can afford to produce posters and notice boards around school as over half the pupils say they do look at posters around school but from the research it shows that when I design advertisements they should be colourful and contain pictures as these are what the pupils say are eye-catching I can also produce leaflets to send home with school letters as another method of advertising and this can inform parents of the business who hopefully will support it, and 54 out of 70 pupils said their parents would allow them to buy a smoothie so it informs them of their child's spending. Through my research conducted at the school and using a map of the school and identifying communal areas it is proved that under the covered way would be the best place to situate the stall as this is a place where everyone passes. ...read more.


Evaluation to using ICT in the business Overall using ICT in the business is going to benefit the running and efficiency of the business. It will reduce costs of using external companies like accountants and advertising companies. All relevant information about the company and history of scrumptious smoothies will be on files saved to the computer so easy accessible. Any document has the potential to look professional and neat. However there are certain restrictions to using computers as losing files when computers crash or viruses or hackers into bank accounts, this can be limited by the use of backup systems being saved regularly or example at the end of every day or month or when any modifications are made. Firewalls or anti virus software applied to the Internet and the computer and banking safety present e.g. keeping passwords secret. Future Development In the future as stated before I hope to expand the business into 3 other schools, the Holt, Forest and St Crispin's, these are the other main secondary schools operating in the Wokingham area. I achieve to operate in 1 new school every year. With the chance for expanding I could increase my profits drastically; I have prepared this chart to show what the potential profits could be from the impact of expanding to other schools. This forecasts that by the end of the 4th year of running the business and operating in 4 schools and basing sales upon the predicted sales in the cash forecast for the 1st year the business could potentially earn profits of �2702.56. I have to account for staff in each school and this graph includes wages for employees I would need to employ with the fact of myself working at the Emmbrook School and paying the employees the same amount of wage as I get now. Appendix http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6118730.stm http://www.franchiseexpo.co.uk/franchise.cfm?s_booth=619248 http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/cwf1.pdf http://www.hse.gov.uk/smallbusinesses/faqs.htm www.yell.com www.duport.co.uk www.thomaslocal.co.uk www.bytestart.co.uk/content/19/19_1/what-is-a-sole-trader.shtml http://www.bizform24.co.uk/ http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/forms/cwf1.pdf http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/layer?r.l1=1073858799&r.l3=1073960126&topicId=1073858799&r.t=RESOURCES&r.i=1073791619&r.l2=1074402480&r.s=m http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/logicToolPayloadPage?r.l1=1073858799&r.l3=1075196424&r.t=BLTTOOL&type=BLTTOOL&itemId=1077722976&r.i=1077722976&r.l2=1074298750 http://www.morethanbusiness.com/morethanbusiness/contractors.html http://www.alliance-leicester.co.uk/loans/index.asp?page=home&ct=htmlleftloansMar07 http://www.emmbrook.wokingham.sch.uk/parents/termdates0607.htm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6118730.stm http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/news/ng.asp?n=73075-smoothie-health-uk http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/our_drinks/selling_them/start_stocking/#1 http://www.cashregistergroup.com/acatalog/new_Casio_cr_130_cash_register.html http://www.primemark.com/epos/product_info.php?cPath=50&products_id=460&cD=Casio%20130CR%20Cash%20Register&osCsid=3ed1133eac81840ea57edd6f8c91a894 http://www.a2boffice.co.uk/a2bstore/391/391_Cash+Registers.html http://www.euroffice.co.uk/itm_groups.asp?S1643=5-Star http://www.furnitureatwork.co.uk/WebConnect/MainServlet?storeId=FaW&catalogId=webconnect&langId=en_GB&action=CategoryDisplay&screenlabel=index&categoryId=008375&route=000147.002412 http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?storeId=10001&catalogId=10651&langId=-1&searchTerms=6179612&go.x=11&go.y=11 http://www.corrchilled.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=94 http://www.cookware-uk.co.uk/ProductInfo.php?pid=4338 http://www.morethanbusiness.com/morethanbusiness/contractors.html ?? ?? ?? ?? AS Business Coursework Page 1 of 39 ...read more.

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