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A business solution for the attention of the management of Bookworld.

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1.1 Summary The task put to us by yourselves at Bookworld was to find the most suitable information system for your company to invest in. In this report you will read how Bis Correspondence found that a loyalty scheme would be the best system for Bookworld to implement. As you read on you will see how we have analysed your company, found a solution and then justified it. 1.2 Introduction Our main objective for this task is to find the best possible solution to Bookworld's business needs. Your company has stated to us what your current systems entail and that your goal is to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. In this report we will show you our findings and discuss our solution with you so that your understanding of the system is as good the professionals. We will also include some problems that you might incur and the solutions to those problems if they were to arise. 1.3 Methodology After our Board meeting with Bookworld our company was able to outline what Bookworld's strengths and weaknesses were. Having made careful analysis of the information provided about your customer base, stores, existing systems and so on we were able to carry out extensive research with the aim of providing a system that would keep Bookworld firmly at the top of the tree. ...read more.


Questions such as name, times shopped with Bookworld, favourite writer/director/actor, how long this customer has been shopping with Bookworld etc may be asked. To store the data we need to have a wide area network (WAN) which links all stores with the central office if one is not already in place, this will also require a central database store at central office. This is where the profile of each customer is built up over time. 1.413 What data our system will provide Over time a larger and larger profile will be built up of your customers and we will know their interests and tastes a lot better. Every time a customer comes to a point of sale (POS), the loyalty card is swiped and a request is sent to the central file store for the customer's details. The cashier can address the customer by his/her first name and present them with targeted promotions, the cashier can let the customer know of other authors/directors/actors etc they may be interested in. The same process can be carried out online but electronically, the central database will be use to notify online customers of offers and new releases. For instance, if a customer buys a book the system can inform them what other people bought after they bought that book. With the knowledge of the central database Bookworld knows who to send offers to and when depending on their profile, this can also be automated so the system knows when to mail/e-mail information to certain customers. ...read more.


We at BIS Correspondence believe that this system will significantly increase sales, your customer base and profit for years to come at Bookworld. 1.7 Possible problems and Resolutions > This system is reliant on the fact that your company does have or is prepared to install a WAN with central file store. If not already installed this can be a costly process. There is also the issue of maintenance of the central store and staff may have to be trained or appropriately skilled staff hired for this purpose. Of course the central store must also be secure and a back up system is advisable. However, the advantages of resource sharing and communication make this a very worthwhile investment. > Having a wide area network will involve some security issues as it will use a public network and will not be controlled by Bookworld itself. We have chosen to use a WAN for speed purposes and provided that you use a reputable telecommunications company no problems should arise. > Some customers may become disgruntled with large amounts of junk mail if Bookworld does not use the mailing of coupons and offers with discretion. We suggest that to overcome this problem Bookworld should make sure that letters are made personal to the customer they are being sent to and mailing of offers should only be of absolutely relevant material to the customer in mind. If your company does this we think it can only work to your advantage in creating more business. 1. ...read more.

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