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A Feasibility study into starting your own Business

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A Feasibility study into starting your own Business K.O. Boxing club Contents Introduction Equipment Local research Cash flow Swot analysis Questionnaire Location property search Objectives K.O. Boxing Club Feasibility into starting up a Business The business I have decided to start up is a boxing club which will be located near the centre of Brierfield. Being a resident of Brierfield I can say that this area is deprived of facilities for the youth where they can go enjoy themselves while staying fit, also this boxing club will attract those teenagers who have nothing better to do except wonder around streets and vandalise property, their has also been a raise in interest in boxing because of what great heights Amir khan(Olympic silver medallist) has reached and therefore more people have decided to pick up boxing up as a sport. I believe this boxing club will be a success in Brierfield because the nearest boxing club is around 2 miles away and the this boxing club will have different boxing facilities for the users including angle bags, maize bags, double end bags(floor to ceiling) and much more. The USP of the club will be that it will have an Elevated Everlast boxing ring these rings are one the finest available and are recommend for all for boxing clubs, I believe this will be the boxing clubs USP because ring will attract those people who want to know how it feels once you are sparing in a ring. My decision to start-up a Boxing club was also influenced by the fact that I also go to a boxing club and am interested in this sport I feel this is a sport which allows you to have fun and also keep yourself fit and in shape. ...read more.


OR If you don't pay the one-off fee it is �5.00 each time one comes to the club Nelson Boxing Club: This is located in nelson this boxing club does not have much facilities it has the basic equipment which includes lightweight punch bags and speed balls. This boxing club is only open twice a week. This boxing club charges a price of 3.50 and there is no membership scheme. Bodies In Motion: This is a gym which is located in the centre of Brierfield which mainly provides weight facilities, and fitness machines which include rowing machines, treadmills, exercise bikes. This gym main priority is to improve people's fitness. Bodies in Motion is a gym which is free This information on local competitors will be useful to me to determine what price to set and what kind of equipment will be necessary. Cash Flow Forecast For K.O. Boxing Club January February March April May june July August September October November December Cash Inflow sales 1504.5 1652.5 1800.5 1800.5 2102 2403.5 2555.5 2403.5 2255.5 2255.5 2102 1800.5 membership funds 4596.5 464 464 0 913.5 913.5 464 0 0 0 0 0 Total Cash in 6101 2116.5 2264.5 1800.5 3015.5 3317 3019.5 2403.5 2255.5 2255.5 2102 1800.5 cash outflow Rent 995 995 995 995 995 995 995 995 995 995 995 995 advertising costs 200 200 200 200 800 800 800 200 200 200 200 200 Telephone 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 10.49 Electricity 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 loan repayment 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 431.92 Total costs 1682.41 1682.41 1682.41 1682.41 2282.41 2282.41 2282.41 1682.41 1682.41 1682.41 1682.41 1682.41 Net cash flow 4418.59 434.09 582.09 118.09 733.09 ...read more.


This question is useful to the boxing club because it allow me to see what equipment is necessary and which will the most used. This answer to the question will allow me to determine what the best source or sources of advertisement would be for this boxing club as seen in the graph it shows that a majority of people believe posters at local shops to be the right source of advertisement. K.O. Boxing Club Objectives This main objective of this business club is to try and make people active and come to this boxing club so they stay fit and in shape this will also take them of the streets and get them doing something they enjoy and good for them. Another objective of K.O. Boxing club is that not to let its sales drop this would be done by the service of the club and the different facilities it provides to the users so once a user comes to K.O. Boxing club they would use are facilities again and again. To see if these objectives have been met I will need to look at the cash flow statement and see if the sales have remained constant and not decreased. My secondary objectives are to have a positive net cash flow balance at the end of the year and to have a profit in the closing balance at the end of the year. So see if these objectives have been met I would once again need to see the cash flow forecast of the boxing club. To achieve these objectives K.O boxing club would need to attract new users each month and whilst keeping their regular users. Whereas to end the year with a positive net cash flow K.O. boxing will need to have less money going out such as costs and more money in from sales and membership funds. ...read more.

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