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A-level Business Studies PDP

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Key dates Where am I now What are you going to do to progress? How is this bringing you closer to where you want to be? November 2007 Currently I am studying for my A levels. I am studying Business, History, Law and General studies. To progress and achieve A level grades. I am going to work hard and to make sure I put my full effort in to all the work. This will help me get closer to what I want, as if I obtain my A levels I will go to university and study my chosen subject to the carer I am going to follow. January 2008 By January I will have to complete my UCAS form in order to attend university. I will need to complete my personal statement and also I will need to make sure all details are filled in. I will need to go through UCAS to get into university. June 2008 In June will be preparing for my A level exams I will do this by revising my subjects for the exams I do. To progress in my exams I will need to study hard and revise all the work in preparation for my exams. If I am to pass my exams I will be able to go to university and study my chosen subject. ...read more.


January 2010 I will be revising for modules in which I will have to pass or repeat later in the year if a fail. To progress in my modules I will have to revise consistently and will have to attend all lectures in the build up to the modules By passing my module exam it will lead me closer to becoming a qualified accountant. March 2010 I will be awaiting my results for my module exams. I will have to work hard. If I pass my module exams I will not have to reset my module and it will bring me a step closer to passing my second year June 2010 By this time I will be preparing for my end of year exams. I will have to study and work hard to pass my end of year exams. By passing my second year it will only mean I have one Year left before I can begin my carer as an accountant. August 2010 In August I will receive my results for the exams I took in the June and if I pass it will lead me into the third and final year. To obtain good results I should have worked hard in revising and putting a lot of effort into my exams. ...read more.


It will give me an understanding of other businesses and it will prepare me for when I start my job. January 2012 I will go travelling throughout America and I will and visit all the states. It will allow me to have more experience in life It will give me more life experience and allow me develop my skills such as building relations with customers. March 2012 By this time I will return home and I will be ready to start my job. I will have to research the right job that will suit my needs. It will bring me closer to gaining a job as an accountant. April 2012 I should be able to have a job by then I will work in a bank at first to gain more of an understanding of the financial sector. I will work hard and try to gain more of an understanding of how the business is run. It will bring me closer as it will give me the necessary experience in the financial sector. September 2012 I will leave my job in the bank and begin my carer as an accountant as I will have the required experience. I will work hard and look for any promotions to expand my carer. It will bring me closer as I will be in the job I wanted to be in and I will look for promotion opportunity. ...read more.

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