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Before 1750 Elsecar was a small out-of-the-way place Discuss.

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ELSECAR HISTORY ASSIGNMENT The task I have been set for this assignment is to say how true the following statements are: - 1. "Before 1750 Elsecar was a small out-of-the-way place" 2. "Then the demand for coal grew enormously" 3. "Between 1800 and 1900 the village grew fast. It became richer and busier. Most of the people worked in the pits. These were owned by Earl Fitzwilliam" 4. "They were good employers and landlords who treated their workers well, at least by the standards of the 19th century. To help me do this I have the following resources: - 1) I went on a visit to Elsecar to do a survey of the buildings in the village - how old they are, what they were used for, what they looked like, etc. 2) Modern day photos of buildings 3) Information on certain buildings 4) Sheets on which to record information on the buildings that I saw 5) Some eyewitness descriptions of old Elsecar - descriptions of workmen's houses the old station etc. 6) Information on the Earls Fitzwilliam 7) Maps of Elsecar 8) The CENSUS for 1871 9) Trade Directories for 1838, 1852 and 1871 My study is about Elsecar, a thriving community in Barnsley. Today it consists of residential homes, tourist attractions, green space and small businesses. One thing that catches the eye is the older homes that to me are still in their original appearance. ...read more.


This letter is saying that the demand for coal is reaching a peak making it too much for the workers to handle, so much that the Earl is having to employ more workers to work round the clock to meet demand. This is a reliable source because it is coming from the workers in the mines who know what it is really like. It is also useful because it is stating the extent of demand for coal, which validates the other sources. In 1812 things took a turn for the worst. You could describe it as an economic slump but industries were affected. The demand for coal surprisingly dropped. The only evidence I have to back this up is two sources. The first is a letter from Earl Fitzwilliam, he shows concern, "We must endeavour to remedy the evil by finding employment for some of the necessitous." My second source is the amount of coal sold to Darwin's iron works. 1809 12,670 dozens 1811 12,777 dozens 1810 13,503 dozens 1812 5,665 dozens As you can see the demand from the iron works for coal showed that they were the first effected with a drop in demand for iron, which meant that less iron was being produced so less coal was needed. As I do not have any other figures this is what I understood happened. ...read more.


This information is also reliable because people are advertising their business or occupation so why would they lie. Another reliable source that tells the absolute truth whether or not the population has grown in Elsecar is the Census. The 1801 Census lists 227 families. Of these 64 were engaged in agriculture and 157 in trade, manufacturing or crafts. 1851 Census shows immigrants with origins elsewhere:- 167 from Staffordshire 67 from Derbyshire 37 from Worcestershire 3 from Ireland It also recorded families who had moved shorter distances, from Sheffield, Wakefield, Barnsley and Leeds. There is a bigger record from the 1871 census giving more information on families, occupation and origin. In 1871 Elsecar had occupants who originally came from places like Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Denby and even as far as Scotland. The population in Elsecar recorded in 1871 was 1,912 most of these people had occupations and careers. These included a draper, druggist (chemist), farmer, greengrocer, plumber, saddler, shopkeepers and a tobacconist. This Census is extremely reliable because it is a government survey which people have to tell the truth. It is also useful because of how reliable it is. It tells us the names of every person in Elsecar, the condition, age, gender, occupation and place of birth. A directory is also produced with the final copy of the Census. As you can see there are far more businesses than in 1839 and 1852. This shows that Elsecar was becoming a thriving, established small town with lots of potential. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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