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A proposal to modify "Exercisco Fitness Club" in Pokfulam, the location has been proposed to Baguio Villas.

Extracts from this document...


Introduction Name: Exercisco Fitness Club Description: A proposal to modify "Exercisco Fitness Club" in Pokfulam, the location has been proposed to Baguio Villas. This location has been chosen because the area is very clean and there is a large population and this would be an advantage because there is more market share, and there would be more potential customers. The location is also good because there is a major project developing (cyber-port). This would be an advantage for the business because it would give it a good reputation. Plus this is another advantage because there is less competition and Baguio Villas is a very scarce place. The new technology applied to the Fitness center would in theory increase the customers attending the club. The club would easily keep a record of the customers joining and leaving the club. Plus the new system would be able to pinpoint specific addresses for business purposes. E.g. if a customer has not paid the bill for a month. Also the club would let members interact in fitness courses if they prefer and they would be able to purchase different materials connecting to the course. Address: 59th Mount Hermon Rd,5th floor Krono Plaza, opposite Glon Canyon Rd Telephone: 25849843, Fax: 28394785, Manager Mobile: 91234534 How the business could use the following: Databases: The business will use this to record all the members' data and personal phone numbers etc. And also if they are a regular fitness members. Also the database will ensure that the different courses which members attend. And also if they would want to purchase some material concerning the course Spreadsheets: The business uses this to record all my annual or monthly results so I can see if I make any profits etc. Web Sites: The business uses this to help people sign up as a member online so they don't need to travel to the center to obtain the form. ...read more.


Final Solution: After reading the different types of solutions it has come to a clear picture that since it is a modern world and type writers are not used that frequently, Mail Merge is the most suitable type of system for creating letters to individual members. The software needed for this to be operated would be Microsoft word for producing the mail merge letters and Microsoft Access for storing the member's personal and course information. Problem: Fast and efficient way of communication Solution Advantages Disadvantages Telephone Using the telephone to communicate through out the country is a fast and efficient way because this is a form of voice communication also people can be reached from anywhere if they have a mobile which a majority of the people in the country has. Also by telephone the person can know immediately if they have reached the person they are calling, whilst mail the person who sent it doesn't know if it has reached there yet. A disadvantage unless the individuals have previously made arrangements to converse at a specific time, the receiver may find the timing of the call awkward. Telephone calls are often inconvenient for the receivers, who were probably already busy doing something when their phones ring. Graphical information can't be sent. Email Email is quite an efficient way communicating fast and efficiently, because the sender can send a email and receiver will be able to receive it instantly so this not only saves time but saves money because email are quite cheap to use. Plus emails can send attachments these attachments can contain information from word processed to databases, plus the email can state different information and it is normally saved so the receiver can view it any time they prefer Probably the most common disadvantage is that if the receiver doesn't log onto his/her email they will never know if they have received the email from anyone. ...read more.


This may then let different macro's appear in the spreadsheet and be accessible. Hypertext links in the website Apparently the hypertext links located in the website are not functioning. The links do not let the user access the different pages in the website. This is a problem because then the user would not be able to obtain the adequate information, for example the address of the business. Hence a suitable solution would be to check the button or word which has been allocated as the link is properly assigned to the right link by the properties bar in Dream-weaver. Also within the website the site map should be checked to check all the links are connected to the Index or Home page as shown below. However, other than these problems which may be considered minor by others, the majority of the systems full function properly, which shows some sign of success. These systems include the navigation on the Exercisco Website, the altering of numerical data within the spreadsheets, the extraction of member's personal data to create a suitable mail merge from an already formed template. The accessing of the database and the navigation and adding of the member's personal information and course details, plus the forms work well because they let the user add the information straight into the forms and this can then be viewed from the tables and used in different areas of the database to create queries or reports about the business. Final Evaluation Introduction 4 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 Design Brief Adminstration Specification Design of Database 34 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 48 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 Design of Finance Spreadsheets 50 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 Design of Advertising Scheme 53 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 Design of Advertising Scheme 59 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 By: Sudhanshu Mohanty 11 TANG 64 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 Communications 69 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 88 Sudhanshu Mohanty Candidate Number: 3419 Testing User Documentation Evaluation and Impact on Business ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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