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A Report Consisting of computerisation of windmill insurance services.

Extracts from this document...


A REPORT CONSISTING OF COMPUTERISATION OF WINDMILL INSURANCE SERVICES BY IMRAN MUSA PATEL Contents Introduction 3 Computerising An Organization 4 Business Information In a Organization 4 Software That Can Be Benefited By The Business 5 Operational Level 5 Tactical Level 6 Strategic Level 6 Database 6 Legal and Social Issues 7 Social Issues 7 Legal Requirements the company is bound by are: 11 How Business Can Benefit 13 Communicating With Other Computers 14 Viruses Within Organisation 14 Conclusion 16 Appendix 17 Bibliography 20 Introduction The report consist of how the organisation can benefit, from computerising the system, how the business can be use computers on different levels, within an organisation. The reports also studies how it would affect an organisation, when concerning legal issues and social issues, how it can affect and change a business, and what requirement are need to be made. How viruses work and what can be done, also how to prevent unauthorised users to gain access within a system. How company benefits via telecommunication, how this would affect the business. Also a letter is within the report to forward to the employees of the organisation, prior to changing over the manual system to a computerised system. Computerising An Organization When converting a manual system, to a computerised system with a business organization as there would be many advantages, and also benefit and enhance all levels of business organization. This would be from day to day, activities carried out by the employees, through to the highest level of the organization, such as decision making by the executives. Business Information In a Organization If wanting to investigate how a computerise system can help an organization. It would be important to see how the business information can be classified with in different levels. This can be done by looking at different level of information, the quality of the information and the way the information is categorised. ...read more.


Health & Safety At Work Act Once the organisation has transferred the system from manual system to computerised system, it is essential that health and safety has been recognised, which are as follows: Display Screen * The characters on the screen shall be well defined and clearly formed, of adequate size and with adequate spacing between the characters and lines. * The image on the screen should be stable, with no flickering or other forms of instability. * The brightness and the contrast between the characters and the background shall be easily adjustable by the user, and also be easily adjustable to ambient conditions. * The screen must swivel and tilt easily and freely to suit the needs of the user. * It shall be possible to use a separate base for the screen or an adjustable table. * The screen shall be free of reflective glare and reflections liable to cause discomfort to the user. Keyboard * The keyboard shall be tilt-able and separate from the screen so as to allow the user to find a comfortable working position avoiding fatigue in the arms or hands. * The space in front of the keyboard shall be sufficient to provide support for the hands and arms of the user. * The keyboard shall have a matt surface to avoid reflective glare. * The arrangement of the keyboard and the characteristics of the keys shall be such as to facilitate the use of the keyboard. * The symbols on the keys shall be adequately contrasted and legible from the design working position. Work Desk Or Work Surface * The work desk or work surface shall have a sufficiently large, low-reflective surface and allow a flexible arrangement of the screen, keyboard, documents and related equipment. * The document holder shall be stable and adjustable and shall be positioned so as to minimise the need for uncomfortable head and eye movements. ...read more.


You have to take in consideration that a defected employee can deliberately stage the organisation. There is also another purpose for the firewall, this can be used as an interface between the organisation and the outside world, where it holds information regards to the system. It also allows monitoring of systems for purpose of administration. Conclusion The report explains how the organisation can benefit from computerising the business. It also states what different levels it can be used, and how it can be used. It shows where the database can come in effect, as well as spread sheets. The report states what legal actions need to be taken under consideration, and how social issues would be affected It also covers the areas that can affect the business when concerning viruses and hackers, and what can be done to prevent this. How the organisation would benefit from communicating with other computers. Appendix Firstly I am going to do a search on www.ask.co.uk, to and type in data protection acts. By typing in health and safety+data protection acts and legislation. The screen dumps above, is the result of my search. After requesting this I had selected the first selection it had bought up, which it had brought up that was CTDNews - Ergonomics and Workplace Safety www.ctdnews.com, which I had no use of due to the information was to do with injuries, and as well as difficult to understand. Below is a brief screen dump. The following actions I had taken was removed the health out of the search and requested a further search, which had bought up the below: As it bought this up I had selected the first search it had bought up, which was Data protection Act 1998, www.hmso.gov.uk, which had bought up the screen dump below, which was much use to me as it covered many areas regarding to legislation. The area which was I sued as an example to help me was notification of changes, as shown on the below screen dump. As well to many other areas on this search. . ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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