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A report on 6 collected documents.

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A report on 6 collected documents Introduction 2 Mavala Booklet 3 Village Hotel Booklet 4 Summary of Booklets 7 Improvements of Booklets 7 Mavala Letter 8 Inland Revenue Letter 9 Village Hotel Letter 10 Summary of Letters 11 Improvements of Letters 11 Introduction This report is describing, comparing and evaluating different standard documents from 3 organisations. The two types of document being evaluated are an information booklet and a letter. The organisations chosen are Mavala, the Village Hotel and Leisure Club and the Inland Revenue. Mavala is a hand care company that sells hand care products and offers advice on its products and services. The Village Hotel and Leisure Club offers swimming pool, gymnasium, residential services as well as a restaurant. The Inland Revenue control taxes and offer advice about tax codes etc. Mavala Booklet Firstly I'm going to write a section on Mavala. The cover page or front cover of the booklet mainly eludes my attention. Dull colours and a dull picture are used. Looking at it there is nothing that is eye-catching about it. I am not motivated to reading it as the page colours and graphic images are poor. It is clear that the organisation is trying to address the name of the company as the name is printed in a large font size on the document. This is an effective way of advertising the organisation because the name of the organisation will be stamped in the reader's thoughts. ...read more.


Items of importance are made clear by the use of different typefaces and bullet points and numbering. These catch attention and they are visually interesting. There is a contrast in size and shape but none in the contrast of weight as there is no equal weight between typefaces and illustrations. This booklet has simplicity and consistency, contrast, balance and repetition. It has similarity and critical elements stand out. These things all add to a good layout. Tables are used. These help to gain control over the layout of pages. Tables help to create stronger alignment and appropriate proximity of elements, which lead to increased readability and comprehension. A content page is used unlike the other 2 documents. The contents page tell the reader what exactly will be in the booklet and if the reader wants to know a certain piece of information in the book then the page number is given. This prevents time being consumed up. Summary of Booklets * All 3 booklets offer advice and present their information in slightly different ways. * The Mavala Booklet and the Inland Revenue Booklet use an asymmetrical layout to present information whilst the Village Hotel Booklet uses a symmetrical layout and uses symmetrical balances. * All 3 documents use different typefaces to split up important information and to change the layout of the document effectively. * The Mavala Booklet offers many pictures to try and gain a good presentation. ...read more.


There has been a good use of paragraph formatting in this document. Again it is effective in breaking down different sections of information into a form that is more manageable for the reader. The letter is the understood and the reader is aware of the information being stated. A Footer is once again used to hold company details. It just allows the company details to be entered onto the letter without it interfering with the information that is trying to be portrayed. Finally there is a faint picture that has been wrapped behind the text. It doesn't interfere with the understanding of the letter and it achieves an artistic presence to the letter. From this a good presentation has been achieved. Summary of Letters * All letters suit their purpose as letters. * Paragraph formatting is used in each of the documents. This separates individual pieces of information up. * All documents seem to be have been created using a word-processing package. * All documents are easy to read. * The Inland Revenue Letter uses bulleting and different typefaces to separate different pieces of information. Improvements of Letters * The Mavala Letter and Village Hotel Letter could be improved to separate pieces of information. This would allow the reader to take in data in small quantities at a time. * The Inland Revenue Letter could be personalised. This would allow the reader to feel more comfortable with the company and then it would gain more suitability as a letter as letters are personalised usually. Unit 1 Document 7 Greg Cooper - 1 - ...read more.

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